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  1. The only possibility of a "good" adaptation of PKD is one which comes with two tabs of acid for every ep, to be fair.
  2. I really do need to start watching the second season. I'm way behind on Mr. Robot and 12 Monkeys, though.
  3. I'd really like to hear the Elear (well, sure, I'd love to hear the Utopia, but I'm unlikely to spend that kinda money anytime soon on something that isn't a watch). I have a pair of HD-800, again, this time with the Shure foamy mod, and I'm very happen with them. Well of course, because things like "damping factor" don't exist.
  4. Set up a bagel date with a yoga instructor, for tomorrow. That is where I get bagels, and then eat them with (and presumably next to) a yoga instructor, not where I date a bagel who has a yoga instructor as a friend. I think.
  5. Eh, it was fine. The hangover this morning wasn't that bad.
  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! Sorry for the absence. It's been a confluence of things, including just being really busy (and forgetting both my password here and the password to the burner email address I used). Happy New Year to everybody!
  7. I found out that I probably don't have testicular cancer (I likely won't know for sure until early December, due to the vagaries of insurance and getting appointments). I also chatted with a very attractive pen enthusiast, in my age group, and I have a date set up for Saturday. On most days, this would have been a positive one, on balance.
  8. I'm just suggesting why the HD series might be more amp dependent than most.
  9. High impedance, relatively low sensitivity.
  10. I always thought that "veiled unless amped properly" just meant "like most headphones, they sound best when properly amplified."
  11. I never thought the HD650 was veiled or dark. I just thought they were a bit bassier than the HD580 and 600, as you say.
  12. That is definitely not how Massdrop mostly works. I interviewed with them for a job, in 2014, and got the express tour. The business, behind the scenes, is quite different from how it appears, on its face. Keep in mind that Ireland is a big part of the descriptor for these phones. It's not cheap to manufacture things there, anymore, and hasn't been for years. Sennheiser almost certainly produced a big lot of components, and has been doling them out. Also keep in mind that the largest part of Sennheiser revenue is not audiophile products.
  13. I drove by my precinct, earlier. It was a mess. I'm glad I absentee voted, weeks ago.
  14. I very much doubt it. This smells like Sennheiser clearing old parts inventory.
  15. Where did you see that posted, originally? I know that Justin would be interested in knowing where a pic of his amp was published!
  16. That feels about right. Amazing how much more power you need for small gains, once you are up the curve.
  17. EdipisReks1

    Fun Facts

    The third largest airforce in the world is the US Army air branch, unless you include UAV/UCV, at which point the US Army becomes the world's largest air force.
  18. That sounds like a good set of phones, then. I liked the L3000 a lot.
  19. the W10VTG are very pretty. I've never heard a pair.
  20. For sure. That treble on the HD-800, even modded, just killed me, long term. Everything else was great. Maybe I should just get the HD-800S, but I don't wanna spend the money. Did I mention that the Tesla T1 can be had, used, for $400? And that I liked them, quite a lot, with my gear?
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