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  1. SWEET! Was wondering if they were eventually going to pick a game.
  2. Isn't lobsterstan the guy from head-fi who runs that japanese auction site for headphones and stuff?
  3. Yeah. That does look wicked. Great job!
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but does it only work with Stax? Or do you just need to processor, etc.?
  5. I'm also wondering if the people who's jacks are breaking are/are not molding the cables like Ken suggests (or do they already come in the 'U' shape?). I think there is a video on his website showing how that's done.
  6. I just read Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger and am starting Regeneration by Pat Barker.
  7. ybm audio is rockcod I believe.
  8. Nice writeups. Always a great read. Thanks!
  9. Fantasy is cool, but sucks when you forget to make changes and lose because of it.
  10. Ah, that's what I would have guessed. Thanks.
  11. And just when I was gonna ask if it looked any different from the regular pico, you go and post some pictures. Thanks! Any details you can offer about the prototype? I see it outputs RCA, what about input?
  12. HD650 balanced > ATH-A900Ti > E500 > MS-2i (don't have anymore) > E2c
  13. I heard the AD1000RPM is supposed to be the successor to the AD2000? At least someone mentioned that on the other site.
  14. I find it amazing that the Reid and McNabb have been together for so long. Almost 10 years?
  15. I emailed Mikahil about not getting the 14A external PS issue, and he replied that he would send me some sort of replacement. I will update when he gives me more info about it. Only thing he told me was that it was a dual transformer external unit.
  16. MNF was an epic game this week.
  17. Well I guess when I thought of volume controlled, I thought of Wadia, which only has 1 output for both purposes. Nothing wrong with having two.
  18. I find it interesting that there are two sets of outputs, one that's fixed and one that can be volume controlled.
  19. For what it's worth, I liked the red... to each his own.
  20. But the external PS itself was supposed to be 14A if I read all my emails correctly. This is when I wish I had an EE background. Nice reference to the balanced topology fiasco btw.
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