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I have been tempted to pick up a pair of Adam A5x many times (never heard them though so I cannot tell you how they sound). Reading online, it seems that some prefer the Dynaudio BM5a/BM6a (also haven't heard these). I have a pair of Audioengine A5 and while they are good to use with my tv in the bedroom, I am not sure I would be happy with them for music (except background music) since they are kind of boomy. I am happy with the Quad 12L actives but wouldn't mind something with a front port so I could put them closer to the wall.

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Serious response - do you want powered or passive? Size limitations? Budget?

Powered,small enough to fit in a desk between the monitor, up to 600€.

Whatever you end up getting do yourself a favor and get something like the Mopads to isolate them from the desk/table.


The quad 12l looks good but in my case the speaker will be 1 cm from the wall and its to rich for my blood.

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Hmmm, no one's mentioned the Wharfdales. Similar in sound sig. to the Quad, but less expensive. Front ported for close to wall applications too.


That's priced singularly, but $400.00 is a good deal IMO.

I haven't heard those but but I heard the passive diamond 10.1 raved by all the magazines and honestly they sucked.

I got to listen today to the Adams A3x and they weren't bad,very detailed yet smooth but to bass shy, probably being so small in the somehow big studio room didn't help(actually same size of my office).

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