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RMAF 2012--October 12-14--Denver, CO

The Monkey

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I will be there, but I haven't decided if I'm going to bring all of my gear this time.

I seem to be the only Colorado H-F or H-C member that sets up a high-end rig anymore, and then I have to bother people to watch my gear when I want to go see the rest of the show. It used to be that 6-10 of us would set up our personal rigs for others to enjoy, but not any more. Over the past three RMAF Canjams the number of local member rigs has dwindled. Last year I brought the KGSS with SR-007 and HE-60, and Barleyguy only brought a CTH with HE-5, but it was almost redundant with all the other vendor gear that was there.

Plus, I'm not sure I want total strangers banging up my SR-009 and HE-60 or SR-007 this year, since my HD800 got dented last year when I loaned them to the CEntrance vendor in place of his DT880 (not his fault). It was nice when CanJam was almost entirely H-F and H-C members and we didn't have people off the street manhandling our gear. I thought CanJam 2009 in LA was fantastic.

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Wow, obviously none of these posts will find their way onto the RMAF advertising pages. I guess I have still another reason to be too busy that weekend.

Except for Naamen and Tyll of course.

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I wanted badly to come, but it's a no-go for me this year. When it's right up the street it's easy to justify RMAF swallowing CanJam, but when you fly across the country it feels long on corporate and short on awesome.

If you change your mind I might have room for you to stay, especially if Blutarsky cancels. He's got to fly in from Wash DC too.

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