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What CHEESE are you eating right now?


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Yep - first time - it is not too complex to make - but I think it takes a bit to get it just right - a little dry. 


I am soaking the second ball in the whey and salt - see how it does. 



So the ball of cheese is already made, but you're doing what to it?  Marinating it or something?


I am not knowing this.  I want to try doing this, if it's pretty easy.

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A lot of time you buy fresh mozzarella it comes in a brine





So I took the leftover whey and added a bunch of salt to make a brine, and put the cheese in there to 'keep it fresh' if you will. Since it is fresh, it will continue to mature a bit. 


Also I may try it in oil as well. 


Just playing around. 

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Just finished a piece of piquant gorgonzola followed by a crunchy peanut butter sandwich, and washed down with a cup of pineapple juice.

I have had a blue stilton which was very nice, but a white stilton with cranberries was better.

I usually stick to a 18 month to 2 year old tasty cheddar.

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