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Rebuilding my HT rig


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My Onkyo TX-NR3008 receiver has stopped working correctly.  None of the speaker outputs work anymore, nor do the pre-outs.  I don't know what the hell happened but I've tried resetting it to factory defaults and also tried updating the firmware.  Neither of which helped at all.  I'm a bit pissed/annoyed since it was a pretty pricey receiver when I bought it 2-3 years ago and of course it's out of warranty now.


So at this point I'm pretty sure I'll get an emotiva xpa-5 for the amp - just have to decide on a surround processor/receiver.  Emotiva's UMC200 looks interesting but it won't be back in stock for at least two months.  Outlaw has a similar inexpensive processor called the Model 975.  My only other option really would be to get a receiver and just use it as a pre/pro which is fine, but most of the lower-end receivers don't seem to have pre-outs.


Here's the rest of the components of the HT Rig:


58" Samsung Plasma

Xbox 360


Dish Hopper Sat Receiver

Oppo BDP-103  (coming soon)


Selah Audio 3D (front)

Selah Audio 3DCC (center)

Axiom Audio M3ti (rear)

SVS PC13-Ultra (sub)

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The 105 supposedly can serve as prepro and has digital input but I don't think the 103 has those features. I could not get the hdmi output from my cable box to work through my 105 so I bought an av receiver anyway. I did not try putting a separate audio source through it though.

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I would suggest going with one of the networking receivers or PrePros from Marantz or Denon. They are solidly buildt and the firmware is very well done. It is still amazing to me how it has simplified my HT system and made it easier to use.

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Thanks for the link Dinny - I spent sometime this morning on the phone w/ Onkyo tech support.  Never going to make that mistake again.  It does sound like I could get it fixed if I go through them there *might* be a warranty period on the replacement part.  Unfortunately the turnaround time on the repair is anywhere from 2 weeks to hell freezing over.  I could have a local repair shop do the work I suppose but the next time it fails I'm back in the same situation.


Think I may go the route of the Marantz SR5007 or wait till the Emotiva UMC-200 is back in stock.

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Yeah my lack of patience doesn't help in these sorts of matters.  Looks like the marantz sr5007 is pretty much out of stock everywhere.


Looks like one this years Onkyo models is going really cheap right now - the TX-NR717 can be had for about $500.  Another Onkyo though.......

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Is the 5007 out of stock at Outlaw Audio?  




They have an "add to cart" button but I don't know what happens when you actually try to purchase it.  


I like the Marantz 6005 I got a few years ago.  


You can get a Refurb 6007 for a little more.  


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Good news, I've had the HT setup up and going for about two weeks now and I'm really happy with it.  As previously mentioned I ended up getting the Marantz sr5007 to use only as a processor/pre-amp and the Emotiva XPA5 for amp duties.  I also ended up getting the Oppo BDP-103 and some new cables (hdmi and speaker). 


Detour time - the last Oppo I owned prior to the BDP-103 was one of their universal dvd players.  I don't remember the model but it was an older one for sure and while it always performed well the build quality was pretty poor.  With the BDP-103 I have to hand it to Oppo the build quality is superb and while I realize $500 isn't cheap for a blu-ray player these days it's still a hell of a bargain for what you get.  Color me extremely impressed.


Back on topic, I'm really happy with how well the Marantz and Emotiva are working out.  For being a lower-end model the Marantz really is loaded feature wise, it has all auto-calibration and networking related features you can ask for including a smartphone control app.  It also has support for Airplay though it's not something I can test.  Of course it also has the all important full set of pre-outs that most other brands have abandoned in the lower-end models.  Setup was a breeze thanks to the on-screen interface which I quite like.  It has an understated look and keeps things simple, everything I needed was easy to find and setup properly.  I did use the on-board Audyssey auto-calibration for setting up the speakers.  It did a fairly decent job as I only had to tweak things a little bit.  The Marantz does have quite a bit of video processing capabilities but I'm just having it pass-through everything coming in through the HDMI inputs so I can't really comment on that.  It does appear to pass-through the signals unmolested though so that's a good start.  I am using the 12v trigger from the Marantz to the Emotiva and that works perfectly.  Speaking of the Emotiva, it's a beast weighing in at 75 lbs and is solid.  It drives my Selah speakers with ease and the 3D's (the fronts) are a nominal 4 ohm and 83db efficiency.  It really does quite a good job, it's probably the best I've heard the speakers sound in a while.  So the Emotiva sounds great, and maybe more importantly it functions flawlessly.  At power up it cycles through each amp channel checking for faults before fulling turning on and this is just one of the many safety/protection features it has.  The XPA5 is the first Emotiva product I've owned and I'm a big fan.  It's a solid product at a very reasonable price.


I'm a happy camper, I have a my HT rig rebuilt and it's looking and sounding better than ever.

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So I have an issue with my HT rig. My Integra DTC 9.8 Pre/Pro stopped outputting sound about two years back. I replaced it with a used Integra DHC 80.2. Recently it has stopped outputting sound as well. Apparently it's a well known issue with the chip overheating in many Onkyo/Integra units. My Aeriel Acoustics Model 8 speakers need a lot of power to sing, and my Rotel RMB 1095 five channel amp provides plenty, so I'm not looking to go the receiver route.

Just looking for a decent Pre/Pro, other than Onkyo/Integra. I'm really looking for a used model that I don't have to invest a large sum into. HDMI in/out preferred, but could make an older unit work for me if it has an optical digital input.

If anyone has a unit they're not using and would like to sell, or if you know of a deal somewhere? I only use L C R speakers, not using rear speakers. So an uber channel model isn't at all necessary. Any suggestions welcomed, thanks!

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