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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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Intrigued by that old colorized photo, I did some google-fu about Imperial Airways (now called BA!). They were first to run flights to Australia. There were 35 stops on the journey, which took just short of a month to get to Melbourne.

Apparently their safety record was not great....


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The Southampton to Sydney ("in only 85 flying hours") empire flying boats seemed a bit more fun.

First class only Daylight flying at 150mph / < 5000ft with overnight signature hotel stops ...



1 hour ago, Craig Sawyers said:

Apparently their safety record was not great....


"Accidents were frequent: in the first six years, 32 people died in seven incidents. Imperial Airways never achieved the levels of technological innovation of its competitors"



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15 hours ago, blessingx said:

^ Good to keep in mind when a single stop is irritating. 

It was like a grand tour though, with excellent hotels in interesting cities on the way. Not like Joni Mitchell's Amelia "I dreamed of 747s over geometric farms"  "I've spent my whole life in clouds at icy altitudes"

Must listen to Blue today....Mitchell at her poetic best.

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Although the Suez canal has been deepened and widened several times since it opened in 1869, it clearly isn't deep and wide enough to cope withe that behemoth container ship jammed across the canal.

My dad was in the merchant navy shortly after WW2, on oil tankers that were pre WW2 vessels. He went through the Suez canal frequently. although those ships were toys by comparison to the monsters that sail nowadays.

He told a story about losing power half way across the Atlantic - the old tub had developed perforated boiler tubes and was losing steam pressure. To keep it going he found sacks of sawdust, and fed those into the boiler to plug the leaks. When he ran out of sawdust he got the ship's supply of porridge and progressively fed that into the boiler. That limped them to port in the West Indies. Without those stunts they would have been dead in the water mid Atlantic.

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Probably the first cut of removing the entire tree (topping).

There are plenty of videos of folks destroying building, cars etc. when they try to cut down a tall tree in an urban environment by cutting it at the base. 

This guy will probably cut 4 feet or so, all the way down to the ground (once he has a chance to change his pants!).

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My son-in-law is an aborist in NSW Australia. In fact it is his company, and employs a team of 15. https://www.gibbontrees.com/

I can absolutely guarantee that they would not do what the palm tree clown did. 

In fact you can see on their website that they specifically offer palm tree maintenance and clearing.

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