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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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This is both absolutely amazing and utterly terrible.  Tears for Fears were always miles above most 80s synth pop, in all aspects.  Their songwriting, musicianship and lyrics have stood the test of time for nearly 4 decades now. Roland and Curt are both impressive live performers, even if they don't particularly like playing out.  (Not entirely true, they love playing but they hate touring.)  In this performance from 2014 they absolutely nail all of their classic hits and a couple album tracks.

The problem is that the video director (I refused to call him a cinematographer) that Spotify hired needs to be taken out back by the chemical shed and shot.  The bright lights on behind the band are a terrible idea.  It's not artistic.  It's blinding to both the studio and video audience.  The use over overly long lenses, entirely too shallow a depth of field and constant rack focusing isn't artistic either.  It's absolute crap.  It's like if a new photographer who just got his first 50mm F/1.4 and refuses to stop it down ever was put in charge here.  All of the shots from behind the audience, using their out of focus blobs as a framing device aren't artistic.  They are endlessly frustrating tripe.  The reaction shots of the audience, while a staple of every live performance ever, are executed so poorly here it's mind boggling.  

It's not easy to film a live music performance, but it's not exactly rocket surgery, either.  Point camera at performers.  Keep performers in focus.  When editing, try to switch to performer doing most important thing (solo, singing, etc.)  Maybe include some audience b-roll.  Light the stage so that performers are visible, distracting background details are not, and NO ONE IS BLINDED (except for key moments.)  The director of this video failed on every front.  They should be sentenced to a life of only working on dish soap commercials.  

In spite the wretched production, I watched the entire video.  I have always had mixed feelings about Tears For Fears.  Their music is amazing, but for me it's a time capsule to a chunk of the 1980s where I suffered extreme trauma due to a confluence of terrible things happening at once.  I've never fully processed the aftermath and I'm not sure I will be able to.  Tears for Fears brings me right back some of the worst moments of my life, but I still love their music.  They still have it as musicians, as well.

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Yes, lots of conventions and bidding systems in bridge.  However, each player is supposed to have a convention card which states what bidding system and what conventions the pair plays.  Also, if you don't understand the meaning of an opponents bid, you can refer to their convention card or ask the bidder's partner what the bid means.

Bridge is a complicated game and nobody truly masters it, some just play it a lot better than others. :D

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