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Cool Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaigns


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Not a fan, already.


Paul McGowan is of course the founder of PS audio, and someone whose design credentials are known.  His kid on the other hand:


1) Is the company's marketing director

2) Is busy saving for a wedding and not buying audio equipment


Here's a gem... "But wattage, voltage, signal-to-noise ratio, interconnects, EQ controls, output impedance?  I feel your pain.  Don't get discouraged."


It's all a pitch, obviously -- whether he actually understands what he is doing and just adopts this position as a pitch, or whether someone else designs it and he's the spokesmodel is not important.  I'm just grouchy, and think that an established company using kickstarter to help generate free buzz for a product they've already developed is crappy.  In 5 years, kickstarter (or whatever killed it) will not allow this kind of campaign.

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There isn't a damn thing wrong with good potato salad.  My issue was investing in vaporware.  Did you even look at the kickstarter campaign?  It made no sense, there's obviously zero preparation to make the amount of potato salad he will now have to deliver.  It's retarded.  Might as well buy a fucking ...whatever that thing is, the vapourDAC.

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As I see it, there are two ways this can end:


1) Like most other Kickstarters, it hits delays, fails to reach goals, and basically shows that despite all the hype and backing, some people just cannot deliver on their promises. Something this publicized, I expect there to be some sort of backlash if that happens. Moreover, I think it would say to the world that this business model of pay some random stranger money for the promise of something later is not the best business model.


2) It goes as planned and I get a hat and some potato salad. I personally think it will reflect on the guy who started this. He made a bold but rather stupid promise and still followed up on it. Stupid as they may be, I still like people like that.

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