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goldenreference low voltage power supply

kevin gilmore

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Milled this today – negative regulator. Shot by USB camera approximately magnitude 20. Using a 15th end mill, minimum clearance between pads, traces etc. is 16th. There are 5 vias 12th and they actually hit the bottom pads quite accurate. CNC machine is a fantastic gadget

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9 hours ago, kevin gilmore said:

works fine, more diode switching noise gets thru. Also requires more voltage differential as that current source eats up about 4v.

LTspice indicates a need of another 3 V unregulated. Plus more diode switching noise. Still a golden reference device or is it a silver line thing?

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36 minutes ago, sbelyo said:

Is a 9+9 30 VA transformer enough to pull 9V DC from a GRLV?

That would give you ~12V before regulation which is only a 3V drop. Seems to be to cutting a little close. 10VAC is a little more comfortable.

also don't forget to change the lt1021 reference 

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4 minutes ago, sbelyo said:

I'm going to connect a transformer to the mains to see what voltage it puts out.  My mains are a little high so it might be 10V or a little over

for the lt1021 reference, do I need the 5 or 7V ?

Definitely do that. I bought a 18v + 18v transformer and it's giving me 22v + 22v.

I'll find the post but I think it's better you use 5v.

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for V+: ((R8 + R7) / R7) x 10 (reference voltage of D5 - LT1021-10)

for V-: ((R9 + R10) / R10) x 10 (reference voltage of D7 - LT1021-10)

If I use this calculation and all resistors are 1.5K like the silkscreen, then use a 5V reference I'd get 10V

That'd work for me because I need 9-12 Vdc.  Now I'll see what the xformer is putting out in the way of voltage.

it's 10.96 Vac with no load so that should be fine pulling 9 - 9.25 Vdc @ 0.80 A right?

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