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California Audio Show


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Starting a thread without a date in the title, so it can be bumped in the future instead of creating a new one each year. 


Was just talking with another yesterday - it's that time of the year. Who else is going to the California Audio Show August 14-16, 2015? 


Info: https://caaudioshow.com


Exhibitors list: https://caaudioshow.com/cas6-exhibitors


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I'm hoping at least one exhibitor has some super efficient speakers to show off.


I'm considering picking up one of Craig's amps to run both dynamic headphones and speakers. It looks like some of his amps do 3W @ 8 ohms while the new Studio will double that up to 6W.


At the very least I'd probably want a speaker with > 90dB/W/m, right?

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I'll be there Saturday, though will be starting earlier.  Admire those who still have lazy weekend mornings. ;) Will be around a while though Steve and gang. Adam not yet sure on breakfast, but will let you know once family plans are worked out. Menu sure looks good. 

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Sadly that's only 600º hotter than the parking lot here. Hard to use the black, pleather steering wheel driving home. Also remind me to use a car with air conditioning next time buying vinyl.

Good seeing everyone, but at the rate this show is shrinking, I fear how much longer it has. :(



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