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Back to our Roots (i.e. drunk in Europe)


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Islay is most accessible by ferry from Glasgow, to my understanding, so we can rally there.

I would personally also enjoy some beer tourism.  Ideally I'd prefer Belgium, but I could be convinced to look in the UK as well if travel is a concern. Heck, I imagine a day or two drinking in Glasgow would not be unenjoyable, and it's a 1hr30 flight or 4hr30 train from London. 

Does the two-location trip sound feasible?  Is there agreement that Islay is one of the locations?  Any preferences for the second?

Also, I'm happy to do this as soon as early next year, but I know some of you aren't provided with quite as much leave as a public servant.  How much lead time should I be allowing, here?

Love the idea of starting in Glasgow. I don't know how easy or realistic it is to hit multiple regions in Scotland. If difficult, would be completely happy to stick in Islay. The only one close by I might like to make a side trip for is Springbank in Campbeltown.

If we go to Belgium we must visit either Cantillon or Drie Fontenein (3F). Those are the two best lambic producers by a large margin. Akkurat is a really well known Belgian bar that also carries tons of their rare stuff. I can easily find and point us to lambic-oriented things if needed. Edit - I thought this place was in Brussels but it looks like it's in Stockholm. Hrm.

I honestly found London to be an abysmal place for drinking. You'd think they'd have ample good, unique single malt but I sure as shit couldn't find it. Much prefer Scotland and Belgium for back-to-back bingers. 

If 2016, I'd prefer later in the year. 2017, nothing planned so far so everything is open. And my wife will surely come with regardless. Time off won't be a problem for me, happy to make this a 6-7 day excursion.

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I'm up for Islay/Scotland touring! I have a friend from Glasgow and know some people who have lived in Edinburgh so I could ask them about places to go and things to do. I've been to Edinburgh once for a math conference but spent most of the time at the conference.

I'd be less interested in going to Belgium or Germany.

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So the Islay Ferry actually goes out of Kennacraig - on the Mull of Kintyre  (https://youtu.be/AcZVRiB9AQk)

It is a trek to get from Glasgow to the Ferry - 2.5 hours. The Early ferry run would be a stretch.   (oh and you can fly)

Campbeltown (Springer and the other springer family beverages) is about an hour down the road from the ferry dock. So it maybe possible to head from Glasgow - play around - end up in Campbeltown for fun. Either stay down there - or catch the late ferry over to Islay.  

Note - if Islay is on the table book accommodations early, it is a small and popular isle, If the group is big enough I would say a house or cabin. Otherwise there are accommodations in Bowmore and Port Ellen that can work, (Lochside Hotel has a nice whisky bar)


I love the highland area as well around Aberlour and Rothes (but that is another story all together)



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