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Back to our Roots (i.e. drunk in Europe)


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Casers, I have long held a dream in my heart that we, as a team, could converge upon some of Europe's storied drinking locations.  I'd love to stop by the Abbey in Westvleteren and grab a roadie, get tossed out of a dingy pub in London, or spend a week touring distilleries with you wonderful folks on Islay.  I know it's tough to get away for enough time to make a European trip worth it, but I think it would be rewarding.  Anyone else interested?  Anything in the old world you're all excited to see for yourself?

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I'm interested, but my vacation time has been cut with the new job. Subscribing anyway.

IcelandAir has free stopovers in Reykjavik when travelling from North America to Europe, which I feel is relevant here.

EDIT: and yes, goddammit, if I ever achieve my dream of touring the Islay distilleries, I want you all there as well.

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Well, that's a pretty strong show of interest.  Let's get to planning.  

I know we all have differing schedules and differing interests, so I propose a two-part trip, focused on two locations.  I got a lot of interest in the Whiskey side of things, so I think we should include a few days in Islay.  That can come at the beginning or end.  Islay is most accessible by ferry from Glasgow, to my understanding, so we can rally there.

I would personally also enjoy some beer tourism.  Ideally I'd prefer Belgium, but I could be convinced to look in the UK as well if travel is a concern. Heck, I imagine a day or two drinking in Glasgow would not be unenjoyable, and it's a 1hr30 flight or 4hr30 train from London. 

Does the two-location trip sound feasible?  Is there agreement that Islay is one of the locations?  Any preferences for the second?

Also, I'm happy to do this as soon as early next year, but I know some of you aren't provided with quite as much leave as a public servant.  How much lead time should I be allowing, here?

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