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Just like Carbon we built. Same box, same PS. Relay=120s. Separated filament transformer.      

Another Grounded Grid lives.  Have been listening to it for about a week. Powered by the same GRHV/GRLV PSU I use to power my KGSSHV, Carbon and Blue Hawaii. 400VDC rails and 20mA plate current.

Posted Images

updated file

current thru the tube designed to be 20ma, so a bit more than previous

driver transistor is ksc2690a only, dissipates a little less than 1W, needs very small heatsink

you loose about 45 volts across the tube, so +/-450 is ideal



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2 hours ago, sorenb said:

would cascoding the 6S4A with  KSC2690 be possible as well?

In a KGST?

I don't believe it would work with a CCS on the tail as well as on each plate. That's a different circuit topology with a grounded cathode,  rather than the BH, Carbon, and Kevin's latest grounded grid variants. 




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in the original kgbh, the 2sj79 can be replaced with a ksa1220A and the 2sk216 can be replaced with a ksc2690a. Not the same pinout.

someone would have to test, but synthesis shows it would definitely work. in fact the ksa1220a and ksc2690a are faster and lower capacitance parts than the originals.

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