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2 hours ago, VPI said:

Not setting up a furniture shop, just building a couple of boxes.

I think stopping with the track saw is an advisable plan. I can't (off the top of my head) think of a good reason to buy a table/cabinet saw if you're just wanting to bang out a few small projects.  I mean d-_-b and all that but really, that's a huge amount of $ to spend on something that as you correctly assessed, will likely get in the way of life for 99% of the time. 

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Nice job Marc!

I'm now done with my latest project. Building two turntable stands back to back, I learned a few things. One, was that I'd like a second shelf above the record storage shelf, accomplished. Two, is that I'd like some kind of stop to keep the records from pushing in too far on the shelf, accomplished. 

I used Amber shellac on the base to try to get that golden tone of the Burled Maple top of the Colossus. Worked well, and it also provides a complimentary warm tone next to the Cherry of the Parasound tower and speakers. I also like the dark top with the Colossus. 





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So, here is the other side of the wall behind the TV - putting a receiver in a garage is either genius or the worst idea ever. I got a nice cover for it to attempt to keep it somewhat clean, but time will tell. Got the wiring as tidy as I could.

with eARC I don’t think I really will need a remote. I am using two wires from an Ethernet run for a 12v trigger to switch over subs to HT duty and could use another pair to run an IR blaster if needed.

there is a plate that can be installed on the Arlington box but I am not sure how I would get the wires out. I do imagine this will be a good source of A/C leaks during the summer time but not sure what I can do to make it any better than what I have.

... plus there is room for a garage turntable!


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30 minutes ago, luvdunhill said:

I had one clamp fail. I am going to see what Armor does to replace it.

I contacted them and they said they have a 5 year warranty and they will replace them. Little worried with that high of a failure rate, even if they do replace them. Lifetime warranty on all the track, which I think is pretty failure proof. 

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3 hours ago, naamanf said:

Those look pretty solid, I’ll have to check them out. 

They automatically clamp down on various thicknesses without adjustment or tightening. You can set the tension +/- for thicker or thinner material before clamping but the range is wide. They work in t-tracks but also come with mounts that fit in bench dog holes. They also make them as hand clamps, which are great for one handed clamping.

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I am looking to use a pair of subwoofers for both HT and Hi-Fi duty. Both systems have a 12V trigger output - a receiver and preamp. I decided to build a small circuit that isolates each trigger (amp has an aux supply to drive the relays) and toggles between an RCA input for the HT and a XLR input for Hi-Fi (depending on which remote trigger was asserted) and defers to a selectable input when both signals are sensed.


Both triggers will come in on a single cable through a 3.5mm TRRS jack that will replace an existing toggle switch in each monoblock amp chassis, that currently is used for manual RCA or XLR input selection. One last feature is the board will keep the amp in standby whenever no trigger is asserted. 

Super custom use-case, but that’s what makes DIY fun!

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Since this thread has kinda morphed into a finishing thread, I thought I would ask this here. I wanted to finish a piece of mdf similarly to audio equipment shelving that you see, such as the shelved in my Salamander Synergy. Black, satin preferably. Would I just use paint (enamel? or?) to do that, or is there something better to use? Non-spray preferable, but if spray is the best way, I could perhaps deal with it.


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