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The beloved Mattnog recipe and the various iterations made over the years are sprinkled around in various parts of HC. This year, I thought we should establish a thread to keep it handy, and to remind people to make their batches early. Matt made his at the end of August when he first posted it. I made mine today and I think that is plenty of lead time even though six weeks is the bare minimum I would suggest. 

Mattnog Recipe by Matt NightWoundsTime Dunlop:

In a one gallon container or two half gallons, such as glass milk bottles. 

14 egg yolks

1 cup cane sugar

6 cups whole milk

1 cup heavy cream

1 750ml bottle of Rebel Yell bourbon (or similar)

1 cup of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (or similar)

1 cup of Rip Van Winkle (or similar)

2 cups of Appleton Reserve Rum (or similar or substitute brandy/cognac or 1 cup of each)

Combine all ingredients in a pot or large bowl and mix to incorporate egg yolks and dissolve the sugar. Once well mixed, pour into your container or containers and seal. I tape the plastic lids onto my milk bottles. Store in the refrigerator and shake at least weekly to continue blending. 

According to Matt:

"Yes, the milk curdles and the whole thing is pretty gross for a while but time heals all. By December it will be a thick, creamy, and quite boozy. Also the entire point of this aged eggnog recipe is that the huge booze loadout kills whatever could be in the eggs or milk. The aging process is really a matter of the proteins and fat breaking down, combining with the sugar, and being super smooth and tasty. But you need the booze to keep it all safe for the ensuing months. The basic measurements of liquor in my nog is not far off of the recipe I used, it just had some cognac involved and less rum. Anyway this turns out much better than pasteurized homogenized lab thickened grocery store nog."

For serving, you can drink it chilled and straight if you can handle the booze -- it certainly doesn't require additional booze to be tasty and strong. The best way to serve this nog in my opinion is with some whipped cream to make it even more smooth and rich. Place a dollop in the bottom of the serving glass, and fill with nog. If using a punch bowl, put the whipped cream in first and then fold in nog until you have the desired quantity and blend. Grate a little fresh nutmeg on top if you roll that way (thanks for the suggestion, Doug).

Here is today's batch, and I'm not sure I can actually wait until December. Luckily, I increased the recipe slightly because I had a little extra milk, so I have 8oz in a jam jar to sample next month. >:D


Cheers Matt!



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43 minutes ago, Hopstretch said:

Can I please just come and drink yours because I will never get away with making that here?

Certainly, my tall friend. 

39 minutes ago, Aura said:

Have a full 750ml that’s been sitting in the fridge since last year. Never meant to let it go the full 365 but I will definitely sample it before getting sick as a dog and throwing out the rest. 

Went a full year on part of my last batch and it was delicious and nutritious. Fear not!

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tomorrow i sample the >1yr old mattnog and will probably make a new half-batch.

lat year's full batch was 2-3 cups wild turkey 101 and 2 cups 100 proof brandy. i think this year i want to use rum as well... any recommendations outside of the appleton that matt used?

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The second half of this year's Mattnog was consumed at my family Christmas dinner last night. I feel bad that I forgot the nutmeg shavings at the Stretch Christmas gathering because it really does add to the experience. 

This year confirmed that I need to make a batch every year. Next year I'm going with top shelf booze across the board. And some super farm-fresh eggs. It's a nice tradition and a good way to remember Matt the Younger in a positive way. 

And Fitz, you can't fuck this up if you follow the recipe. Go for it in 2019!

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