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Kerry Design mini GRHV\GRLV and JoaMat mini T2 Group Buy

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Just got a few boards in.  From left to right... GRHV78xxx, GRHV79xxx and to the right is a new experimental digital alternator.  It’s stackable for balanced  

Look what I just found at my door step...  

Quick update on the status of the GB - we are in the process of testing the boards before sending them to the fab house for estimates. Will provide another update as progress is made.

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I was checking my second order to Mouser (last one) and verifying everything, I discovered that all my LT1021 are 7v instead of 10v (GR78xx, GR79xx and T2) 

Should I replace them with 10V one or I can let them ? I will have to change only R2=2.29K to get 15V

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I like the 7v version for the GRLV supplies, but it doesn’t matter.  From a noise perspective, I think they’re slightly better. 

If you’re talking about the T2 power supplies, I believe they need to be 10V.  You could potentially recalculate all of the set resistors. 

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On 5/4/2021 at 7:41 PM, waltzingbear said:

interested in getting a set of the Kerry psu and modules. either preassembled or bare board would be fine.





Cheers and TIA


PM me if you are still looking for boards.

Also, you need a base board to assemble a PSU unless you have or plan to fabricate your own. 

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