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The Never Ending Search for a Music Server


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OK I have to change my mind on Roon. I spent the morning reinstalling my Roon Core and now it all works flawlessly. Since both Roon as well as my infrastructure has changed significantly since the last time I used it I do not know what caused this improvement, but I am happy. Seamless integration of my collection as well as Tidal and Qobuz and easy switching of where I want it to play. I now see its popularity.

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The ease of use is great indeed, Jim!  I have a core setup on NUC's in my home and in my Maine condo.  It's easy to switch the license back and forth, so I can enjoy that anywhere.

I have 5 end-points at home, and (when set back up, if I can ever get there) 2 in Maine.

Only use TIDAL and local libraries for now, may give Qobuz a try, and if Roon integrates with the Amazon service, we'll see about that.....

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43 minutes ago, Pars said:

That should work fine for the RA Opus 21. I have tried the free version of Volumio and it works pretty well. I assume you are not going to use Roon because then I would suggest Roopieee with a USB to SPDIF converter. 

I do feel like I need to take a shower after going to that site and reading that article :dinny:

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