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I bought an Omega 20mm mesh bracelet (and extension) from Ofrei, for the 300m.  I can't wait to get my watches back!  The Swatch isn't going to cut it.  Fortunately, I have a Tissot Heritage Visodate Milanais arriving tomorrow.  I had won it on eBay a while back, for beyond cheap, and it finally shipped a few days ago.  I had been going to give it away as a gift, but the person I was going to gift it to bought my Hamilton, so getting that for a good price is his birthday gift, instead.  The Tissot is inexpensive enough that I don't need to get it appraised, so it'll be my watch for a while.


It's good that you ordered an Omega mesh extension because it's fairly snug on my 7.3" wrist without the extension.  There's 5 holes in the clasp to adjust the size, and I had it on the largest.  With one extension installed I now have the clasp on the middle of the 5 holes (or the 3rd hole).  I hope you wont need to order a second extension just to try it on.


Having said that, I love the Omega mesh and it's much better quality than either of my $50 eBay shark mesh bracelets (one has similar size links to the Omega, and one is more fine like a JB Champion).  I've had mine on my Ti Planet Ocean 8500 LM since my birthday in March.

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here is the Visodate:




This is an awfully nice watch for the money.  I paid about $300 on eBay, but they are available brand new for about $460, on Amazon.  I think I'll be wearing this, even after I get all of mine back.  I highly recommend it for somebody looking for a dressy, not not too-dressy, self-winder in the under $500 price point, for sure.


Remind me again, why did you sell the Hamilton?  

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Was reading this http://wornandwound.com/2013/07/25/watches-and-magnetization/ and wondered about the single comment at the bottom of the page.  


Can anyone translate this for me?



leonardqkudo  9 months ago

Since strap is absolutely not perhaps the mechanised workings for the <spam link> it is just a a smaller amount sophisticated thing to fix or perhaps exchange.Since the united states has become symbolic of horology, virtually all brand-new watch organisations seek out a web site in order to Switzerland.


I think this photo goes with the quote.



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How do you like the GMT II, Stretch? I think I'm going to put my dad's '68 GMT Master in a safe deposit box, as it's just irreplaceable, but my favorite watch is the GMT Master, so I'll need to pick a second one up, whether it's a GMT or GMT II.


I go back and forth and have nearly sold it a couple times. Lack of a quick set date is a bit of a pain, but it wears well and always makes me happy when I do get it out. Mine started off with a black bezel and the previous owner added the Coke insert. I've been meaning to go find a NOS Pepsi insert as well.


In the end I think the perfect three Rolex collection for me would be a no-date ceramic Sub, 16710 Pepsi GMT II  (prefer the brushed center links) and white-dial Daytona.

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Got this Luminox for 35% off at my local AD (volume discount for all the watches I bought over the years).  This is my 4th Luminox, as I love the tritium gas tubes instead of superluminova.


The glossy dial is beautiful and the hour markers are beveled nicely to catch the light like gems (like my Ti Planet Ocean Liquid Metal). I also like the purple lume on the hands and bezel dot with green lume at the hour markers.  It looks good on the leather strap too.


Amongst my lower priced automatic winders, this might replace my Victorinox Dive Master 500 automatic with red dial as an upgraded "beater" watch.  I know it will replace my Orient Blue Mako XL (a poor man's Planet Ocean), but haven't decided about the Seiko SKX173 yet (a poor man's Submariner). 



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That's a big watch.


Yeah, I put it back in the box to take back Tuesday.  I guess that's another bottle of alcohol that I have to bring my AD/watchmaker, which I do every time I do a return without doing an exchange.  


I like that strap.  Does it come in XL?



It comes in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm but I don't think there is a longer version for wider wrists.  When I get home Tuesday afternoon I'll try measuring how large of a wrist it will fit, but I suspect close to 8" may be the max [EDIT - on my Seamaster Pro which is similar size to yours].




[EDIT - just saw this "Strap Length ( excluding buckle ) 120mm / 80mm approx] I'm assuming that's 120mm for the side with the holes and 80mm for the side with buckle, so 200mm total plus about 40mm for the watch from lug to lug at the spring bar holes (I'm guessing).  Ignoring the length before the first hole it's probably more like for a 8.5" wrist]

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I know I have too many watches.  I'm taking the new Luminox automatic back to the AD on Tuesday with a bottle of Maison Surrene. That and selling two high-dollar watches will cover almost half the Rolex GMT II BLNR that arrives soon.


So, I finally posted a for sale advert for both my Omega Seamaster Pro mid-size 2252.50 and for my Omega Seamaster Pro Great White GMT 2538.20 (both recently serviced).


I might also sell some other watches that wont make a big dent on the Rolex price tag, like (1) an automatic Seiko SKX173 from 2013 with both bracelet and rubber strap, (2) an automatic Orient blue Mako XL that I bought used with both bracelet and rubber strap, (3) a mint quartz Victorinox SS Dive Master 500 from 2013 with both bracelet and rubber strap, (4) a never worn Seiko 5 on bracelet that I bought last July, (5) a Citizen eco-drive 300M diver from 2013 with bracelet and rubber, and (6) a mint Luminox Colormark PVD steel blackout chronograph on rubber that was just bought this March with 2 year Jomoshop warranty.  


Most still have remaining warranties.  But I'm not sure it's worth the time to take pics and post these for sale just to get pennies on the dollar for them, when they'd make good gifts for close family members later.


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