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7 minutes ago, Grand Enigma said:   I get why Steve would talk about my asshole, but not you Shelly [emoji4]


There have been so many since then, I can honestly barely remember yours Zach. Was it fuzzy and a little loose? [emoji14]

Bleach and roses, Steve.

swt61: Are you sure we are talking about the same guy: Grand Enema?

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SOTC that I took over the summer.  

Prior to this I've sold several Omegas and Rolex to fund the kids college, along with most of my Stax and Stat amps, and I'll likely sell 4-5 more by the time the last kid graduates so that they wont have a bunch of school loans to pay back.  Many of these I'm saving to give the kids and my siblings before and after I pass on (hence the redundancy), and a bunch aren't worth selling for the small amount they'd bring in.


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