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Here is the Titanium Seiko Astron Limited Edition that I bought for my son's high school graduation this year - I kept the black one for myself because his tastes are often different than mine.  If I was picking all of his watches I'd make some bad choices.  So, asking us to pick your watch can also mean you don't get the right one. 

My son has been hinting that he doesn't want any more mechanical watches right now due to the higher upkeep costs, and I know he's had his eye on this one for a year.  It was a mistake to buy him the cheaper black Astron, hoping that he'd come to like it eventually.  I got this last one at my AD for 40% off (my bulk price since I buy so many from him).  So it wasn't as painful as it could have been, and I figure it's better to not force his tastes conform to mine.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 21.34.29.jpg

Screenshot 2016-03-28 21.33.34.jpg

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41 minutes ago, luvdunhill said:

Larry, what are more well-known GPS watches out there? I am interested in what you have found.

I've only looked into the Astron GPS watches lately, which were updated in 2015 and lost the chronograph function even though they look like they have three sub-dials.  In 2014 they trimmed about 30% of the size down, while the previous generation in 2013 was fairly large.  I think the 2014 version is my favorite, but I worry that some countries can make time zone changes and then the watch becomes out of date.  i don't think there is anything set up by Seiko to allow updating the watches when that happens.

If I recall, Citizen recently added a GPS controlled watch, in addition to their radio controlled watches, called the Satellite Wave.  I've been partial to the Seiko's look myself, and like having a chronograph function which the Wave is missing.  Some of the Citizen atomic radio controlled watches with chronograph are nice, but if you can't get a signal you can't set the time automatically.

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That's nuts.  But IF I can snag a ceramic Daytona at retail (on the list at both of my local AD) I'm keeping it.  The Omega CK-2998 re-issue LE I'm not so sure about.  I have a Mitsukoshi panda dial and hands to install on any Speedmaster Pro that I think will look just as good, and I want to feel special wearing a LE Speedy I'll always have my Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award.

BTW, my Ti bracelet for my Omega X-33 Solar Impulse will be here Tuesday.  I think that I'm going to give my son his Omega X-33 Skywalker "graduation watch" before his capping ceremony that day as well, and we can wear them together.  

Changing the subject to budget watches, I picked up the first Lew and Huey Orthos Commander 300 that shipped before anyone else got theirs, and it's pretty nice for a microbrand watch.  It looks similar to a vintage Omega with aged lume (that's still bright), but with the nicer twisted short lugs of the newer models, 300M WR, sapphire crystal with AR on the inside, a bracelet, and Seiko NH35 automatic movement that hacks and can be manually wound (unlike my SKX007/009/173).  Only about 250 were made, and under $400.  It's losing less than a half second a day vs atomic time.

They are going to be making some submariner homage watches, that will be available for pre-order soon, and they look very nice.  Those will have a Miyota 9105 movement.








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5 hours ago, Torpedo said:

Did you get yours yet?

No, I think it's still going to be a while. Haven't heard of any being delivered through official channels yet, so it was interesting to see one showing up on the downlow.

What could cause serious unhappiness would be ADs selling their limited allocations out the back door for 150% of MSRP instead of satisfying their wait lists. If I was Rolex I might buy up some of the early grey offers, track the serials back and crack a few skulls.

Larry if you don't decide to keep the CK-2998 then give me a shout. 

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