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23 hours ago, Dreadhead said:

Enjoy Larry. I didn't know you were looking at the spring drive diver.

Yeah, I was considering the Ti Spring Drive Diver, but instead I fell in love with the SBGX115 9F61 HAQ diver because of the gorgeous white dial, and then added this Omega Titanium PO 9300 chronograph.  The GS white dial is every bit as nice as those on my Polar Explorer II watches.  Just amazing build quality.

This Ti chronograph a fairly large watch, but it fits my body type well (see photo taken from farther away rather than 12 inches from the camera).  I'm down from 245 to 212 pounds, but I'm still not a tiny guy.  I switched it out to the bracelet minus two links, and while the bracelet doesn't squeeze the sides of my wrist like the ISOFRANE, the watch feels heavier.  I think that I'm going to order the Omega blue rubber white stich strap with Ti folding clasp.  

This is the watch that will likely prompt me to sell my 2 year old Seamaster Pro ceramic bezel diving chronograph sooner than later.





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11 hours ago, grawk said:

wait, the 3rd picture is a different watch. That's the one I like :)

The planet ocean is nice, just not as compelling for me personally.  I think I like the professional because it looks like the breitling steelfish, tho.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I changed the 3rd photo to the correct watch.  We have two of the wrong one between myself and my son, and are considering selling one of them, but not sure yet.


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Hey guys, where is Jacob?  I went to a long standing 2 year long multipage PM with tons of info in it, including some about where to send an Omega or Rolex watch for service by mail, and it's all gone.  Tried to send him a PM and it says he can't receive messages.  Now I can't find his recent posts either - a search shows he's a member with no ports found.



Sorry, there is a problem

We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2C137/2


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I don't have the full details, but apparently he quit head-case, and apparently his quitting head-case had some deleterious effects on anything he had to do with, including threads started by him (I would say this is a bug with the software).  Seems it deleted your PM thread, too.  Sorry, that was nothing done by us in retaliation or anything, it was an unknown and undesirable side effect of his leaving -- he probably would have done things differently if he had known.  We don't have a solution for bringing it back.

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7 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

This is like the 14th time he's quit in ten years; how is this a shock?

I don't know, just seems different this time, is all.  Maybe shocked isn't the right word, maybe disappointed is closer.  But it did catch me off guard a bit this time, so there is a certain amount of surprise.  I definitely missed something.

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Yeah I was browsing some of the ones with black dial and gold rim but my options was the upper range of the Chronographs or the Grand Seiko Spring Driver's, all of which are well above what I want to spend on (>$800).


I'm not getting you grawk.:huh:

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