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What are you EATING right now?


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Thanks, Jeff, will check it out.  I finally got some of the stress lifted at work recently (in a good way), so may be able to come up there for lunch sometime soon and see your new office.

Regarding seatbelt mumus, stepping on the scale right now says that I lost 5lbs over the course of the trip.  I should market this diet.

Be careful what you post.  They're going to hunt you down and dissect you to figure out where that fucking metabolism/hollow leg/alien technology comes from.

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Shelly, next time try dining with Colin.


Probably because you now have a bunch of parasites inside of you.  

There is approximately a negative 43.2% chance that Shelly would have eaten at any of the restaurants I went to in Vietnam.  And that is probably best for everyone.

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I had a bunch of food from a new fusion Japanese place that cost a lot of money and sounded good but was very bland and tasteless.  :( 

Shelly, next time try dining with Colin.

Then it will only be the conversation that will be bland and tasteless.:p

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Went to try the London version of Les 110 de Taillevent today. Just opened and still shaking out, but 110 wines by the glass and this is the somm. Greg, you would like it!



Yes, I would like to sample the...wines.  Booking a Virgin Air ticket as I post.

Thanks for thinking of me kind Sir.


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