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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Here is the Walnut with said stain, and the metal rail cap. This metal rail will ne painted Black to match the wall rail brackets.




The White Oak  rails have stainless brackets, and that metal rail is also stainless.

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I know that if one of the boss' is happy with my work, the customer will be happy. Ciaran has an incredible eye. He'll spot things that no one else will notice. He came through today and was quite pleased. The customers are coming tomorrow for a meeting, so we'll see. I'm happy with how everything has turned out.

Now I'm outside finishing up the Ipe stairs and landing. Even the ceiling above the landing is Ipe. As usual for us, this customer seems to have unlimited funds.

The thing about the handrails is that the specialty lumber yard only had 8' lengths of the 8/4 Walnut and White Oak. The long runs are about 19', so I had to make two joints. They're scarfed and held together with dominoes. They came out great. Super tight tolerances.

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Did some nearly wood work this weekend. Had to build a closet organizer out of melamine. Found that the builders of my house did not have a square. As I needed to shave .5 inches from front to back to get it to slide onto the shelf between the ceiling and closet rod. 

Also working on getting good anneal on stainless steel so I made some knives and bar keys, more customyish. 





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I haven't done any real woodworking for awhile but I started a protect yesterday and it feels good to be back in the shop. Steve and I are making two walnut bedside tables for my sisters in law. The design is based on the one shown below that I found online, although our design is taller and narrower.


So far I have cut long walnut boards into short boards and then cut domino mortises so I could glue up wider boards. I ended up with ten panels and a number of other pieces for the sides and base. I also managed to slam a dead blow mallet onto my left hand index finger. Not sure if the nail will stay on. 😖

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The latest Milo & Otis joint is coming along nicely. The two end tables basically consist of 3 boxes each. The top horizontal box, which encompasses the drawer, the middle vertical box and the bottom horizontal box. Aside from those three boxes are the two drawers (One per nightstand). And the bases which are maybe an inch and a half tall, and provide a shadow line under the bottom box.

We have milled all the rabbits, put together the three separate boxes, flush trimmed all joints and sanded all panels. Very happy with how flat and well fitted everything is to this point. 

Left to do is joining the three boxes together, building the drawers and finishing the stands.

The narrow, vertical middle boxes were rabbited on each end, to allow us to install plywood panels that will secure the top and bottom boxes by gluing and screwing them together. We used a large rabbiting bit on the router table. It was a little bit awkward, but worked a charm.












As you can see in the pics, the Black dyed plywood panels will end up being the bottom panels that the base attaches to. These will be screwed only, to allow us to add weight in the form of sand, to make the stands bottom heavy, and thus less likely to topple over once the drawers are fully extended out.

We kind of like the Black plywood, and plan on dying the plywood drawers Black as well.

Oh, and Milo's finger is healing nicely.

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Assembled, glued and clamped. The fit is fantastic. 


















No weight needed in the base boxes. Not at all top heavy, even with drawers fully extended.

The glue needs to dry overnight, then tomorrow is final sand with 320 Grit and start applying the Rubio Monocoat, wax oil finish.

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More pics from Milo. 


IMG_2475 (1).jpg



IMG_2477 (1).jpg

IMG_2476 (1).jpg



Otis is using the "Naamanator". The custom pocket joint machine that Naaman graciously CNCed for us. It makes fantastic pocket holes. A shallower angle that holds much better.

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