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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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I wonder if the somewhat small tab set in the dado is a possible point of failure. If it is plywood that is probably less important but I still might want a pocket screw or two into the cleat on each end. It looks like you already glued it in so maybe just drill a pilot hole at an angle and put a screw on each end to add strength so all the weight isn't hanging on the tabs and the glue joint. 🤷🏻‍♂️


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All of Jeff's tools are carbon fiber and titanium, so ultra light weight.

Al does make a good point about the extra screws into the sides of the case from the inside of the cleat. If you have one of these portable PS jigs, then you can still drill them in place.


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The cleat is baltic birch and I added 2” screws into the shelf aligned with the cleat. 
Did a couple coats of finish today while finally building the XTool D1 Pro. Only now realizing I have no idea how to make it work or where the tube of Unicorn Semen is supposed to go, as it is not discussed in the manual. 





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I am at the phase of the project where I am trying to hide my design flaws. At this point the top of the cabinet has exposed cherry plywood that I want to hide. Tried a first fix with the left over walnut from the drawer front but it was not long enough to run across the whole top or thick enough to recess all the way into the gap. I cannot decide if I like the wood, or the design, but do not want to mess with a whole new cherry top to cover the plywood and endgrain. 






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