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Northstar M192 MKII


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Well my Northstar M192 MKII arrived today, took a little while to start using it though as I was having problems with my Squeezebox. So for now I'm using it with the EMU 0404 USB via foobar and ASIO output. I'm using the rca outputs till my new balanced cables from Nate arrive ;).

I'll post pics later but here's some early impressions:

  • detail retrival is good
  • resolution and extension are very good
  • tonality seems pretty accurate
  • soundstage (especially depth) are excellent

That's about it for now I'll add more as time goes on.

Hi-rez pics here

1280x1024 pics are attached below












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Or does it look the same as the MK1.

And if you get a chance could you try the 840c as a transport to the M192 to see if the North Star sounds better? Or see if that reviewer really was smoking the good stuff.

Good suggestion Deepak. I would be interested as well since I do have a 840c as well :). Glad your new toy arrived

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Balanced cables from Nate arrived today (thanks again nate ;) ) and the m192 mkII does sound a good bit better balanced vs single-ended. Channel separation is greatly improved and the bit of treble glare that was present single-ended is gone.

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