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a nod to someone who has served us well


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PM me for Paypal account details

Hello all

I have discussed the idea of honouring Alex Cavalli aka runeight on the DIY forum with a few members and there seems to be general consensus that this is a just cause.

Who is Alex Cavalli?

He is many things; but for many of us he is an inovator of ingenious design and he has given selflessly of himself for the past decade. Here is a link to his website where you can see a few of his designs that have come to fruition and many have the pleasure of owning.

Why now? Well simply put, in a recent conversation I had with him it became clear that he needed better headphones and I got to thinking that this would be one way for all of us who appreciate the effort he has put into our hobby to say thank you.

There is no firm decision as to which headphones will be purchased, it will be a group decision. My thinking and personal preference would be for a highly modified orthodynamic unless we somehow reach the HD800 level in which case I will bow to commerce. Stats have also been suggested but I feel that he would appreciate more a headphone that can be used with his beloved Bijou and other creations. There will be a vote on this once we have the funds, so feel free to post your single recommendation.

I have tried setting up a "foster" account on paypal but that didn't work. If you are concerned about this, I understand but for those who know me will vouch for my honesty and I will not profit from this venture in any way. If there are funds remaining, I will add them to the funds left over in AMB's 'good turn' fund. If there are strong opinions about this, it too can be a decision made by the group and not myself.

Please respect my e-mail account and don't send me spam, I give it out freely to those who wish to be in contact with me.

To make a donation - send a gift payment to the account, include your online ID in the comments section as I will keep a running tab of names and donations so that there can be full disclosure and so that the appropriate acknowledgments can be made.

Thanks ..dB



please spread the word if you find this a just cause

and PS - hope this is not in violation of the forum - mods?

Contributors List

$500 thus far











germania aka childofthehorn









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If you'd like I'll edit out your email address and people can pm you to get it. The bots are very good at harvesting things like that.

yeah , i considered this but time is not my friend right now. thanks for the offer..dB

consider it done JP = just let me know what you are in for via PM

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I'll contribute a woody makeover. If anyone wants to contribute a cable to go with it, that'd be good. Doesn't need to be special, just a nicely made miniquad would be ideal.

I have a 6 or 7 foot section of blue Canare quad cable, just like what you used on my woodies but with no super nylon, which I'd be happy to donate along with my last matched pair of 120R SFI orthodynamic drivers, and the cable already has a Neutrik 1/8" plug installed by Blutarsky.

If those are not acceptable, I could donate cash to the project.

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I've duly posted the crow I ate on the "what are you eating" thread. :)

I too have much to learn and am often humbled by the overwhelming kindness shown to others by this community. The acceptance has far more to do with the recipient in this case.

Thanks to everyone else who has offered services and funds.


to mods : could you edit contributors list with this list

Contributors :

1. Pabbi ; 2. guzziguy ; 3. forsakenrider ; 4. Saachu 5. wiatrob

6. cfcubed 7. Smeggy 8. HeadphoneAddict

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I'll contribute a woody makeover. If anyone wants to contribute a cable to go with it, that'd be good. Doesn't need to be special, just a nicely made miniquad would be ideal.

I've got some Canare, either blue or red, and plenty of Neutrik minis as well which I would be happy to contribute. I also have enough Mogami mini if that would work better.

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