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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!


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42 minutes ago, Kerry said:

I have some 2SA156 that I got from BDent way back when that are green.  The 2SA1486 were all black.

Not sure what the different color represents.

I have a few from both with the same color as yours they came from Dalbani I think.

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1 hour ago, JoaMat said:

Back in 2011 I bought 50 2SA1486 from www.utsource.net.  Price 0.30USD each plus 28USD for FedEx, a few days from China to Sweden.

They were green and I haven’t used them at all, but they measure same on DCA75 and DY294 as 2SA1486 from bdent.

 Anyone tried www.utsource.net ?

A few pieces a few times from eBay I do not remember fakes but I am not sure I checked them all. Usually when I could not get from mouser what I wanted.

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I've measured 62s of mine 2sa1413 from bdent: 


It is interesting that green transistors were worse than black. 

And thanks to Helium - I've found that 2sa1413 has a twisted pinout - BCE instead of ECB for 2sa1486. 

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6 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

For a transistor mounted on a heatsink there 6 possible lead orderings, 3!. For a small signal transistor that you can insert either way round, that reduces to 3 effective orderings. 3!/2.

I'll get my coat...

It’s even easier for the ones not mounted on the heatsink. 😉

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