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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!


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Piss I though people like me just for being me :(

That too. Sorry, should have said "new friends", though you'll probably be visited by existing friends too.

I think he meant "change in number", delta, not absolute.

He not that smart, though -- cf that "different story" sentence 3 posts up.

I'm smart enough to count to three. Three posts up from your post is a post by Naaman.

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Anyone that can build a dynahi can build this. If you stuff all the

parts in the right place and can do a really good job of soldering

it should be a snap.


ground plane removed for picture otherwise it wipes everything away,

components that don't look like they have a lead connected are connected

to ground


i even have a bill of materials. (first time ever)

so i have a clue how much its gonna cost, and how many more parts to buy.

231 semiconductors makes this the most complicated headphone amp ever.

Such a comment is extremely tempting: I know what the parts are and how to read their values and can solder fine. I do this kind of stuff very slowly and carefully and triple-check everything. I guess if I put in a couple of dozen parts every weekend I could have it done in a year. It would neatly spread out the costs too. The only thing is I'd have no idea how to test/trouble-shoot it and I'd probably blow up my apartment.

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This really isn't the project to show off your arcy-sparky skills. With 100+ transistors plus dozens of diodes it will be pretty hard to troubleshoot it if something were to go wrong. Expensive is also the name of the game here with the resistors alone at roughly 300$ and that's mostly using the cheap PRP's. Upgrade to Riken's and things get very expensive. :)

Btw. If there was ever any doubt, the T2 sounds bloody fucking fabulous. It's more mellow and less intensive then the BH.

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Is a Board Group buy being contemplated?


Translation: If you didn't make any mistakes in building it, it powers up just fine the first time.

Exactly. Mistakes take the form of various parts reaching airborne status and catching fire rather spectacularly.

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