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Any particular reason why LPs might relatively consistently have more surface noise on the first few tracks of each album side versus the last few? Poor cartridge setup? Sorry, still figuring this out as I go along.

Might be an alignment issue unless you are talking about used records. The idea being that many of the times records get put on but not finished.? So, more wear on the outer part of the record.

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Greater linear velocity?

Higher linear velocities allow lower noise.

More noise in the outer groves than the inner groves is usually an alignment issue. If noise is audible at all it should be fairly constant across the face of the record or MAYBE a little worse in the inner groves (depending what alignment method you use).

I would spend some more time with your alignment gauges. If you happen to have the kind of magnifying glass one would expect an old man to have to read the newspaper or a jewelers loupe, bust it out and get busy with the protractor. Until you are comfy setting up a cartridge just let it take as long as it takes. Even once you have the hang of it, let it take as long as it takes.

If you want to try some other alignment methods (or double check your protractor against a different one), the various print it yourself protractors from vinylengine are all very nice. I like the "AccuTrak" protractor myself, It has a bunch of alignment methods, and is reasonably easy to use.

As a note, if you are using an "ARC" protractor:

ARC protractors may not work with a rega arm on a non-rega TT. ARC protractors require a very specific mounting distance, which sadly doesn't allow baerwald alignment with all cartridges on a rega arm. The solution is to mount the arm 1-2mm "short" to allow baerwald, BUT because of the way they work, arc-tractors will never work properly with an arm mounted 2mm short of what they were drawn for.

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Todd pre-mounted the original cart but I have done the rest myself, including installing the new cart. Beotch!

yes but you need to get the Mint LP protractor to really dime it in!

I'm playing mad alchemist with TT mats tonight and tomorrow night. Shelf liner worked and sounded better than the rubber mat, cork and foam are on deck tomorrow night if Michael's Crafts has them in stock.

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Did some ragged DIY for a turntable mat tonight as my Sony rubber mat has seen better days and I was not sure if it might be impacting the sound.

I made one of these up Spotmat 10


Mine looks much more rustic and is not as symmetrical but did the trick and to my ears is better than the rubber mat. If you've got a TT and are thinking about spending $100 for a platter mat check out the DIY options.

Any ideas on how to cut a true 11.75" circle and 3/4" dots better than with a scissor or in my case an exacto knife?

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Any ideas on how to cut a true 11.75" circle and 3/4" dots better than with a scissor or in my case an exacto knife?

michaels sells a matte-board cutter for making circles. very good for the big circles. If you are patient, a compass and scissor is 95% of as good, the circular matt cutter is kind of pricey and when I tried it fiddly to set up. Its probably only worth it if you want to take the throne from the guy who was selling these DIY mats on ebay.

For the small circles, you can buy uberlarge hole punches (probably from michaels too) for making 3/4" hearts and stars and circles. hopefully they will have the circle one at your local shop

Here are some I found:

This one looks good! they may have a suitable circulat matt cutter, could not find it myself though.

Something like this one will work perfectly and will never break although it is very noisy when you wack it with a harmer/mallet. Also cool if you want to cut dots into the base... just an idea.

amazon link

The circular punch I have used looks like this one here. Im pretty sure they have them at michaels. the star one could make cool dots too. I have seen DIY mats on audioasylum that use hand cut angular pieces (diamonds, triangles, etc) so maybe the star would be cool.


as a preemptive strike you may want to try this on for size:


depending who you ask the best or worst thing ever for a mat. easy and cheap to test for yourself

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