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Wow! Nice Mike! Looks to be in fantastic condition!

I may have a decent headshell for that laying around here. Let me know if you don't get one soon and I'll locate it and ship it out.

Steve, I got it working after I was able to get some replacement wire leads. However, if you have a headshell that will work with this table/arm I would buy it if it's for sale.

Thanks everyone, so far it sounds good. It will have to wait for Jp #'s arrival to be dialed in.

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Just for fun, and also for something completely different, see if you can find an Ortofon SPU Classic somewhere at a good price. It's not the most accurate cartridge around, it's not going to pull every last detail off a record, but it's gotta be one of the most fun cartridges around if you want a fat kickin' bass groove for your music. I've heard a couple cartridges in the SPU lineup on an idler drive and direct drive 'table, those systems had the biggest most dynamic bass I've ever heard in any system. You're probably not going to want to use it with all your music, but if I wanted to break out a Bob Marley record for instance, that's the cartridge I want.

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That would be approx. .25 Tices Sir.

Some people must be scratching their heads now thinking 'what the hell are they talking about'? :D

I was scratching my head. That thing is 0.18 Tice at most surely?

But then we have the metric Tice over here in Europeland ;)

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Hot Damn, I just swapped carts from the Dyna 17D3 to the ZYX Fuji SB, while I really like the dyna the zyx is outstanding. I gotta hunt down a used airy cart. This is super silly having a $1400 cart on a $200-$350 used table.

The Airy 3x is phenomenal.... you won't be disappointed! get one if you can. Its silly money, but someone's got to do it :)

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Just got the Clearaudio Virtuoso that I bought of agon with the soundsmith re-tip and rubt cantilever. So far fucking fantastic, I was concerned about the input impedance of the combo jacks on the Sonic Studio 302 but it just sounds great straight up.

I may have gotten this wrong but I understood the impedance to be 200 ohms for the TRS and 3.3k for the xlt path of the combo jacks. This would mean the TRS are in a good place for MC carts and the xlrs are doable for MMs but neither sound great out of the XLRs and the TRS inputs rock the house for both MC and MM, weird.

If you ever lunch your expensive cart I would heartily recommend Sound Smith for a re-tip/new cantilever.

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