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So crazy story. Remember a year(s) back when my DL-103 went out? Well to refresh your memory the left channel just went dead and all sorts of craziness started coming out of the right channel. So after testing a few different records and getting the same result, I unscrewed the headshell, put on the stylus guard, and put it in a drawer.

Well last week I was about to order a new DL-103, finally, but on a weird hunch I grabbed the old one and hooked it up. Of course the alignment was still spot on because detachable headshells are the shit, and any sonic degradation they may cause is totally worth it for their utility. And the cartridge works fine! And it absolutely ROCKS with the Quad 99 Pre's phono. I mean, really really sounds great. Previously in my Bugle I had it loaded at 100 ohms. Well the 99's MC stage loads at 10 ohms, and has adjustable sensitivity, which I loaded at 300uF to match up with the DL-103. Bam! I mean its just perfect. I don't even notice what I came to accept as the DL-103's inherent slightly hot upper midrange coloration. The highs are bright but smooth, midrange is present but not accentuated, and the bass is thumping and awesome.

The sound is also noticeably better with the record stabilizing ring and center record weight in place. So its been a fun week for me, rediscovering all my records.

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New phono stage from K&K audio

In Reply to: RE: New Phono Stage? posted by JLSmith on February 24, 2009 at 10:50:06

Yes, I've developed a new design that will be available only as a completely finished product and will be sold under a different "brand" name than K&K Audio. It is a fully differential 3 stage phono preamp using 6N23Ps and 6N6Ps with direct and transformer coupling throughout. It's an ambitious design 1.5 years in the making that has turned out better than I had ever imagined it could. We are in the midst of selling a small number of beta units to folks who have the LP playing urge bad enough to spend that kind of money and are hoping to get a review in the works shortly, too. More than that I won't say until there is a separate website for the new brand and we can be complete in our information dissemination.

Kevin Carter

K&K Audio

K & K Audio - Lundahl Transformers, audio DIY kits and more

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It's a Rega 600, with (I think) an OL rewire. The Origin paperwork was in the box although the seller never said anything about it. :confused:

Cart is a high-output Benz Ace. The cantilever doesn't look quite straight, which is a bit of a bummer, but it tracks fine and sounds fine so I'm going to let it go.

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