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On Bacon

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Actually eating one for lunch this very moment. I don't eat at jack in the box often (maybe 4x/yr), so I can't compare it to their bacon cheeseburger, but the samich reminds me of a regular bacon cheeseburger with a slice of tomato and extra lettuce. They put quite a few slices of bacon, but the slices are paper-thin so you get the crunch but not much of the flavor. Also, they use the shredded lettuce, so between the shredded lettuce and the paper-thin bacon, the texture's all wrong.

sidenote: I'm still trying to think of something that would taste worse if cooked in baconfat, but I just can't do it.

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I had ventured 2 weekends ago to a kind of nearby "alterna-meat" store, www.healthybuffalo.com, and stocked up on a bunch of things.

I finally cooked up some of the Wild Boar bacon I bought, and I'd say it was the best bacon I've had! Better flavor than any other I've tried, and probably less hormones, et al.

As bacon goes (and sausage too), definitely recommend trying it.

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