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Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread


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  • 4 weeks later...

I was wondering about the transistors used on one of the older versions of the susy dynahi boards being obsolete, and after searching online I think I've found replacements for all of them that seem to be drop in. I'm just wondering if these are fine or if I need to find something else or try and source NOS or used parts.

  • 2SA1358/2SC3421: KSA1220AYS/KSC2690AYS
  • 2SA1145/2SC2705: MMBT5551/MMBT5401LT1G
  • 2SA1349/2SC3381: matched pairs of KSA992/KSC1845
  • Matched pairs of 2SJ74/2SK170: matched pairs of LSJ689/LSK489 or LSK74/LSJ170 (both seem to be rare/expensive!!)
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3 minutes ago, PretentiousFood said:

Mouser's finest!

I'm not sure about the hfe grade as I can't find the receipt. The package says FCE. FCE is not an hfe grade, but E is the highest and sounds like something I would buy.

Shoot me a PM if you'd like.


This is the hFE chart on the datasheet of the KSA992 (and should be identical to the grading system on the KSC1845).


@kevin gilmore, do the 2SA1145/2SC2705 on the ss dynahi boards I have need to be matched?

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Guys for the 100uf Electrolytic in the ss dynalo what would be the best capacitor to use in that position?Both in technical and musical terms combined?or doesn´t that matter at all?

I saw some of us use nichicon ufg,ukz but i want to know if there are different opinions.


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28 minutes ago, Pars said:

I personally like Panasonic... FM or FR. If you want to go semi foo foo, use Elma Silmic II.

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What is semi foo foo in this case Pars? :lol:

6 minutes ago, jose said:

I like Nichi KW... but really, you can put anyone

Yes i know i can use anyone but was just wondering what teh guys thought was best both in musical and technical terms. I was thinking in use nichi ukz.

Thanks Jose

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