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The Headcase Stax thread


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3 hours ago, DefQon said:

I do know for a fact that if the pads are fucked on the SR-1 to SR-5 then the sound is messed up. Audiocubes still supply SR-X and SR-1 to 5 pads on there website.

From where? Audocubes2 does not exist and there were no Stax parts on Audiocubes in the last years or I missed something?

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Odd audiocubes2 website doesn't return a response. I was browsing there website back in Feb and purchased an earpad for a friends SR-3. 

This doesn't stop the fact that you can still order these earpads from official Stax distributors in your country.

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I forget which pads but I bought a pile of them two years ago.  Just look on ebay by the size and you should find some. 

I just bought the amp so I dunno but it will be first shipped to Kevin so expect silly high res pictures soon.  ;)  What I'm hearing through the mafia is not good though but I'll wait for it to arrive.  I also bought a 100V amp on purpose so that we would know if it could be rewired.  If Stax are being assholes then I'll just install a new transformer.  Hell then I could actually regulate the PSU...  :rolleyes:

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Speaking of obsolete parts, I recently noticed this 3D-printable Sigma headband assembly uploaded by some kind soul: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1780659


Might come in handy for some of us with older Sigmas/Lambdas/Omegas (albeit the earcup Yokes would be different for the latter two). Might print out a few spares of the arc for posterity since those seem like the most fragile piece.

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On 6/17/2017 at 4:11 PM, spritzer said:

I forget which pads but I bought a pile of them two years ago.  Just look on ebay by the size and you should find some. 

I am doing that, but so far haven't found anything good for the Omegas.

Speaking about SR Omega pads, I definitely like how the inner opening is done, with one stitching line that goes in a slant plane from front to back, rather than the common two stitching lines. I agree the opening is a bit too large on the originals. In my experience the 009 pads oval opening is quite optimal size and shape, for all Omega series. There are similar bass distortion figures for the 009 sized and smaller openings, but they increase above that opening size. Too bad it's so hard to get 009 pads. 

Also, Stax nailed pretty well the foam type and density they are using in their current pads. It makes a lot of sound difference when you change the foam inlay in pads. Memory foam (most pad makers use similar foam densities) tends to attenuate bass below 40 Hz and make a small bump around 60 Hz. That is consistent behaviour across all the Stax Omega series. Anyway, so far the 009 pads sound the best, and it's possible to further improve with additional small carbon foam inlays. I tried to convince Chinese pad makers on ebay to make 009 pad clones, with no success. I guess the problem is sourcing the right material for the special inlay Stax uses.

That said, on a buy and try basis it's possible that a random pad performs well. Spritzer, it would be valuable if you could remember/share what's your source for the SR Omega replacement pads :).

[edit] need to check out these next:



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suggest you build the kgsshv-carbon first. do it as 2 chassis leave extra room in the power supply for a filament transformer and extra pins in the connector

then you can build the GG as a second amplifier and use the existing power supply

then even later you can upgrade the GG to DHT tubes

simple :D



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29 minutes ago, fat joey said:

why not recommend the circlotron? highest voltage evar!


the DHT (king of DHT) sure is damn good, especially those emission tubes (at least eight)







Not many houses have the the square footage for the circlotron. :rolleyes:


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1 hour ago, JoaMat said:

You wanna circlotron? This is a circlotron...

... just where I live.

You call that a circlotron?  HA!  THIS is a circlotron:



The Fermilab in Batavia, IL.  2 miles in circumference.  Too big for my house.  The CERN Large Hadron collider, see above, is more recent, and even bigger - 27 km circumference.

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