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We sure know how to party!!!

Short "hopumentary" about craft beer in the bay area.  Fun to see the City Beer Store, Zeitgeist, Lagunitas and other local beer folks for those who have met them and frequented their establishments.

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The stuff sold in the local drugstore is about 3%. You can gargle with it.

Although its probably not a great idea. Some of the health food nuts probably


The stuff i have in my basement is 35%. Gets stains out of carpet like you

would not believe. Also takes enamel paint directly off of metal. You could

probably drink some of the stuff and not die, but it would tear your stomach

apart very quickly.

Heavy water (Duterium oxide) is definitely a bad idea to drink.

I have a bottle of that in the basement too. (not sure why)

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sure looks like an early 1950's 1200cc 4 cylinder VW bug engine. About 50 horsepower.

Which would make that thing pretty fast and dangerous for its age.

Pretty sure it's a contemporary custom build. .....Yup!



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