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What are you listening to Part the Third


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So how do you like it? I've only listened to the first few tracks but found them all really boring. Not saying it won't grow on me, just my initial reaction.

Okay, listened to Everyday Robots again -- damn this is really kind of slow and introspective.  When listened to in context of other more energetic albums, it's fine, but on its own, it's just kind of boring.

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Swans at least had that "indie hipster" cred to them, so Agalloch was the more shocking to me...but I was still surprised.


Swans scare me. I've tried to acclimate to the violence and derision but I just can't get there ... (and I haven't heard, or sought out much since "The Great Annihilator" .. around 1996 or so. ). I of course speak of the band and not the animal .. but the same could hold true for the animal/bird or the band for that matter. LOL .. truly ... 


 I kind of like The Angels of Light band, though .. who can also swerve towards the scary but not so much as The Swans band does...

Also a Gira bit here right now, "How I Loved you" .. under the name, "The Angels of Light" .. is pretty okay :





Do pardon if you weren't referencing The Swans at all ...

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Platinum SHM-CD


Bullshit claims about special SHM ink or whatever aside, this is a damn good mastering. Very similar to the original MFSL but with a little more oomph in the treble (in a good way).


Of course MFSL is doing a new mastering of this title soon, which I'll also be buying.


EDIT: also one of my favorite album covers of all time

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