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What are you listening to Part the Third


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I just saw that today when I was sorting LP's into the new rack .. I have the RCA reissue - sad it is still sealed - I need to get my shit straight and listen some more.

I always feel that way. I told Claire that I want to listen to all my music and read all my books when I'm retired. She suggested I should dream bigger, but that seems great to me.

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New Conceptions- Chucho Valdes, goes well with the Cabernet Franc I am drinking. You see Chucho is Cuban so his music is kind of Caribbean salsa Cuban jazzish and that pairs well with the fruit layered Cabernet Franc cause Cuban food has a spicy fruit layer to it. See simple! Now carry on.





Apropos since we just had the piano tuned today, and it sounds mahvalous!!!!!

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I just got a couple of tapes of Count Basie and his Orchestra. It's a live recording from a private party in L.A. which took place in 1961.

The dynamics are unbelievable and the tunes are great.

The tapes I have are direct copies of the original session tapes which were never meant to be distributed.

I'm not sure about the details of these recordings but they sound like they were done professionally.

Of course, since they've never been processed at all, the stereo image isn't quite centered , there's no fade in/outs and the horns on the left sometimes dominate over the right but the sound is very "fresh" and the Basie and the guys are in top form.

One cool thing is the edits (splices) are minimal so if the next tune starts within a minute or so, there's no edit and you can hear the players messing with the guests. I really like the idea that I'm able to listen to something that only a handful of folks have ever heard too.

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