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Happy Birthday Tyll!


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The bright side of turning 55, of course, is the 10% discount offered by participating restaurants...

But seriously, although some senior discounts start as early as age 50 (AARP membership), the bulk of them seem to kick in at 55 these days (as opposed to 62 or 65). Quite amazing, the discounts you can get on anything travel related (airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruiseships), and there are even deals to be found in banking, buying a new car, etc.

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Anybody know what a vole is?

Basically, it's a little rodent that likes to burrow. But up here where the snow is usually 10 feet deep, they make tunnels between the ground and the snowpack, packing mud up into the snow. When the snow melts, you end up with little above ground tunnels .... everywhere.


Voles can have 5-10 littes a year with 5-10 young per litter. You do the math. You couldn't walk without stepping on vole tunnels up there.


End of the trail. It was a great birthday!


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Holy shite, that's just gorgeous! That is a beautiful way to spend the birthday, glad you got to spend it such a way.

My wife and I went to Bar Harbor.Acadia National Park recently, some gorgeous sites up there as well....

Acadia is one of my favorite national parks, and I've been to way too many to count. So different relative to the more majestic parks out West. Kind of an understated, peaceful, tranquil beauty, much like the White Mountains region of NH.

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