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    Been busy at work, but managed to pull a new version of the T2 amp board together. I've added separate modules for the active batteries, balance servo, pre-CCS feeding the output CCS and the opto coupled output servo. I should be able to plug and play with a few options on these modules. Here's a rendering (Eagle / Fusion 360)... I still have to test, but so far I'm happy with the layout.
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    Now with left channel. The work with left channel went very smooth – no errors – like plug and play. Need a top plate, fix that tomorrow. And a matching PSU… but now I need some vacation.
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    Me: Linguini with white clam sauce Anne: Portobello Marsala gnocchi No pics of Colin’s hawt and curvy sis? Or do I actually have to visit other threads besides this food thread?
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    That's a metric crapload of blue LED's...
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    I sent this to an aging punk rock friend. He said there were few surprises, but he didn't think Siouxie belonged on the sexist list. I told him about a photo I saw in /r/vgb/. He's current at work (he woks for ADBE) so I couldn't sent it to him. Instead I made a work-friendly variant. He said "point(s) taken."
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    but, but, nothing in the tubes - must be vacuum tubes……….. Looks absolutely beautiful. Very interesting with the modules.
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    Heard him twice alive. Not at Madison though, but fortunate there is this recording.
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    I have wanted to listen to some guys from Liverpool... Do you know them?
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    Ha!!! literally listening to: Zen Cheers (at much higher resolution than this)
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    My sister is in town visiting, so we have been eating all the foods. Today, we had ramen for lunch: And sushi for dinner:
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    Yup. That's me. A few years ago when I'd completed the LX521's.
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    The T4 is now available for preorder. More info at Beezar.com.
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