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    Finally finished upgrading my 2014 Trek Fuel Ex 5. Upgrades include new Sram NX Eagle drive train, Brand-X Ascend II dropper post, Ergon GA3 grips and cheapo Sunlite platform pedals. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
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    Thelonious Monk - M√łnk It's on Tidal, from a live performance in 1963 in Denmark. Pretty swinging
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    Sorry, Nate. I didn't realize that the shock was so "special". Cannondale make some interesting design choices on your bike. It does sound like a new bike is your best bet. As Brent said, the bike blowout sales start soon and there are a lot of new, exciting trail bike models. Good luck in finding an appropriate replacement bike. My upgrade was around $600, just about what the bike is worth these days. I viewed it more as an opportunity to learn a lot about bike maintenance. The upgrade does fix the two big issues I had, those being a 3x drive train and the lack of a dropper post.
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    I am told the suspension on these bikes is pretty great.
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    Very nice, Ken. I'm currently making do by adding air to my suspension every week or two. The fork doesn't seem to take much, if any, the rear definitely seems to be bleeding some. The possible replacement remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
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    Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    Today, with my father, took care of the shelter, changed carpets, installed doors and repaired some damaged places
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    At least I knew what I was getting into when I bought it. When I made the purchase back in 2012 I had done the research to know that the shock (and fork) were an issue in terms of upgrades and maintenance but the price was too good to pass up at the time (40% off). I'll be making a decision based from a different perspective this time, since I now have a riding buddy who's a former shop mechanic and can help (and teach) as long as stuff uses standard tooling and non-proprietary parts.
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    Yes to most of it. For the LED resistors, which set the bias, I used 422 402R with LTST-C170CKT Lite-On LEDs. This gave me the 14-15mA bias. Running 402 422R with these LEDs will give you 12-13mA. You're going to try doing the onboard regs? Good luck, though the 2oz boards will make these easier than the 3oz were.
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    It's possible, but really impractical to get someone to do it. The cheapest way is to send it back to Fox for refurbishment as their are multiple specialized tools required to do the job (see link Brent posted previously) and in the end to bring the bike back to life would take the better part, if not more than, a grand which seems like a horrible investment in what's essentially 10yr old bike tech. Trail bikes have come leaps and bounds in just the last few years, not to mention the last 10.
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    So good and bad.. Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto web series
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    My new Di2 with new battery model, Dura Ace chain and d-fly.
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    The problem with the D10 is that the power supply voltages are +/-175v so it clips pretty easy into standard sized headphones. The shure is very nice but power supply voltages are +/-200. Which works great on the supplied earbuds but would have trouble with standard sized headphones.
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    Rode Romero Canyon trail today with 4 other e-bikers. Trailforks