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    I've been going through some of my concert ticket stubs because Claire has a spreadsheet of many shows we/she/I have seen and I want to expand it. One of the earliest ones that I still have made me feel good inside and stirred some memories of several very cool concerts at UC Davis while I was an undergrad there. For example, I saw the Talking Heads on campus on December 5, 1983. Think Big Suit, suburban home set, Speaking In Tongues tour, all just one week before Jonathan Demme filmed the same show in Los Angeles. I also saw the infamous Replacements show, such as it was, in the tiny UC Davis Coffee House. They were so drunk they could barely perform a song, and soon after they started they literally fled the stage, ran out of the venue, and never returned. Apparently, somebody told them that the cops were after them and were about to raid the show. Not accurate but fucked over us fans even more than their shitty performance. I also saw both of those bands subsequently (with another Replacements screw up of our own doing) but the ticket stub is for the one and only time I saw the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn, with Double Trouble. It was an epic show in Freeborn Hall on campus (now also gone), and it was everything any SRV fan could imagine. I found the awesome set list online and the bootleg of the whole show that I will be listening to later. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now Honey Bee Mary Had a Little Lamb Love Struck Baby Tin Pan Alley Cold Shot Couldn't Stand the Weather Texas Flood Lenny Stang's Swang Rude Mood All of that for $10.50! Hard to imagine these days. Claire actually puts the price of the tickets on her spreadsheet, which is fascinating. Anyway, I love thinking back on this stuff, and I'm glad I kept some momentos to remind me.
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    Goldfrapp – Black Cherry This album never gets old for me – listened to it three times in a row (trying to sort out battery issues on my portable CD player)
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    Happy Birthday, Al!
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    a new favorite emerges...DACs are just better when they're wireless
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    Scooped up this original “thriller” in excellent condition from an old record store
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    That is awesome, Al! When I used to be a regular on Facebook, some pals had lists of favorite concerts. For me in those early to mid-80's days, I was thick in the "New Wave/Alternative" thing. Some of my favorite shows included The Cramps (great fun party-type band, I must have seen them 5 or 6 times), and The Stranglers (long story, but got to meet the band, take one of them to a local radio station for interview, and spent some time backstage after the show). But SO many great bands in the day, including some no-name band that opened for Jesus & Mary Chain and BLEW them away....I and perhaps 8-10 others ran to Tower Records after that show to pick up that no-name opener's CD: Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails. I had saved a few ticket stubs from then, think i did clean up and threw some out but wonder if I still have any left over.....
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    https://tommy-guerrero-too-good.bandcamp.com/ Tommy Guerrero -- laid back instrumental poprock, groovy, listen to White Sands if nothing else: https://tommy-guerrero-too-good.bandcamp.com/track/white-sands San Franciscans, he's a local, so he probably plays out often
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    I think it's going to look awesome, Sam!
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    Very cool! I should do that before I forget everything. I barely remember most of the shows I went to in the 90s because I was about to get CFS...or perhaps I already had.
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    I'm actually surprised you didn't rip these apart even harder. The system was unbearably bad to me, I just don't understand how the hell they ever released this. It was the epitome of bin tier estat for me. I don't think i've personally heard a shittier stat than the Jade II for my taste. Not the Voce, ESP950 ; nothing offended me like this steaming pile of shit that Hifiman calls a headphone.
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    Shipping to the US is pretty minimal, unless you choose expedited shipping. My orders usually arrive in 10 days or so and as long as I am ordering darts and accessories it’s $2.95. Three other items I would also consider. Some sort of throw line or mat. If you have hard floors in your room, you could consider an integrated throw line and mat, to protect the darts as they fall from deflections. If not a mat, then I like the Target “glow in the dark” adhesive throw line. Second, a lighting system, depending on what your ambient light situation looks like. These items are a bit harder to find in the US for reasonable prices, so perhaps better to save for one of your UK trips. The Target lights are what I am looking to get once I find a more permanent spot for my setup at home, or considering just making my own with my 3D printer. There are lots of good options though, just not any cheap options Lastly, since you have the G3, buy some of the extra rotofix mounts for your other two boards. These mounts are great in that they make rotating the board a snap and swapping out the boards easy as well. I am thinking about getting an extra so I can move my board outside as well. The “Fives Boards” look cool. I have seen them at DartsCorner. You might also check out the other games they have there (golf and snooker, if I remember correctly) as well as Blade 5 “green zone” that has a handicap system and is used in the Junior Darts Leagues.
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