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    Yup, it is there in the on right side of the white buildings in the center.
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    good doc with a lot of drama that I didn't expect.
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    Hi. We just started The Valhalla Murders, a detective show on Netflix. Thinking its somewhat like The Killing but from Iceland.... in S1 E1 there is an aerial tracking shot midway, the police woman drives back to the station, and I say....hey....isn't that @spritzer 's bakery we just saw? In a really distinctive all white 6-tower complex, waterfront? Below is a stock photo....
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    Rewatching Chernobyl. It is quite good a 2nd time though because you know what is happening and why in a way that isn’t clear the first time through. Also feels quite appropriate for the current situation.
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    Unfortunately I'm going to have a lot of time to go over my vinyl collection ...
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    I haven't seen it yet but it is on the list. The rest is indeed apartments and the bakery is just on the ground floor.
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    Heard these headphones @NYC Canjam last month as well. Thought they were pretty bass-heavy & a bit tipped on the upper-end as well. Likely fatiguing, imo. Brief listening with open headphones in a busy public setting as that are not ideal though, as we know.
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    Yes been YTing everything I can find on her. Thanks for the enlightenment.
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    THANKS ALL.... I managed to have 3 days of events/parties and now we are holed up hiding from the virus. At least SeedLady got to plant new flowers, and harvest a huge Collard Greens.....which tonight I attempt to cook.
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    last batch came out nice -- more pickling.
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    Neat list. He missed the Contura. I got to play with one of these for a bit.
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    Stuck at home for some reason? Google's Arts and Culture site has you covered. Street View tours of great museums is a little clunky but being able to check out exhibitions that are long gone is a gift. https://artsandculture.google.com/
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    I have a new love, sorry Dolly Parton.
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    Al Di Meola - Across The Universe
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    Joanne and I recently finished Beforeigners It's a mismatched Cop Buddy Nordic Noir / Scandi Thriller with a novel world building twist. Given the initial premise, they play it pretty much straight, although it does allow them to have some fun with political correctness and multiculturalism in the world they have built. "And in the Tjuvholmen case, one of the main investigators is actually a true Viking.The criticism is unjustified.We have a policy on this show that we avoid using the V-word.- The V-word? - We prefer "of Norse descent".Right.Of course.My apologies" We enjoyed it. Be aware: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8332130/parentalguide, or as they said in one episode. Similarly, Lars is shocked to find that his Stone Age neighbor lets his grade school son watch Game of Thrones, because who doesn't like violence and naked women? From the portmanteau Title to the linguistic stylings of the characters, plenty of depth to drag you into it. https://sciencenorway.no/history-language-media/creating-languages-of-the-past-for-hbos-beforeigners/1560670 Good review with some light spoilers but no reveals https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/02/review-time-travel-and-murder-combine-in-hbos-riveting-beforeigners-series/ And in case you missed something in the subtitles, don't worry, someone transcribed them for you. https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/episode_scripts.php?tv-show=beforeigners-2019 Enjoy!
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    I've been rewatching Black Books on Amazon Prime because ... well ... because it's on Amazon Prime. This led to this Dylan Moran short which I'd completely forgotten about and is absolutely terrific.
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