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  1. I realize I am ancient by young people's standards, but I found it impossible to relate to the girls as portrayed in S1, e1. Mostly because I found it incredibly disturbing how abusive a relationship the main character was in, yet she didn't seem to realize it. Worse, she actually seemed to think she was sexually empowered, when I found her anything but. Her friends weren't any better, just messed up in different ways. It was more disturbing thinking about my young nieces living through similar situations as they approach adulthood. Is this really where young women are today? Haven't watched since.
  2. My condolences Dusty. Wayne - you put so much into your Santa persona & activities each year that it is not surprising that you experience some type of post-partum..."something" (I don't want to put words into your mouth or misinterpret). You are a good person, Take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries.
  3. First, the season 3 opener of "Downton Abbey". My wife's newest obsession & I've admittedly been hooked too. So well done. Then S3, eps 2 & 3 of "Portlandia" - We had seen lots of previews on the IFC channel, but for some reason never watched the show. Decided to DVR these eps over the weekend. Omg, this show is f-ing hilarious!
  4. jpelg

    The Killing

    AMC is re-running "The Killing" on Sunday mornings, beginning yesterday (sorry), starting with Season 1. Hopefully they will include Season 2 as well.
  5. I think the fundamental disagreement from both sides is whether doing the former will necessarily accomplish the latter. Btw, I am unaware that the shooter obtained any of the guns used thru legal channels. It is my understanding that the rifle & two pistols were all stolen from his mother.
  6. As a fairly recent, but increasingly avid, gun enthusiast, I can appreciate both sides of the debate. However, I happen to believe that bad people intent on doing evil things will find ways of obtaining the tools they require to carry them out. Most incidents like this are a result of long-term planning, rather than an immediate reaction from a mental "snap". I also happen to believe that taking guns out of the hands of good people won't stop them from falling into the hands of bad people.
  7. A sad, sad day for our state. We are all in shock, anger, disgust, & overall mourning. It's clear from the news coverage that the rest of the country shares in this in a very personal way. Hopefully we will get more answers in the coming days & weeks. In the meantime, as you all have said, our hearts & prayers go out to those most immediately affected - the victims & their families.
  8. jpelg


    ^ Used stuff from CoBoom scares me.
  9. Thanks for the info, Todd. A local hi-fi shop has an demo r-DAC available for $299 & I was tempted. How are you connecting the NWD? Are you using the USB input from a computer, or are you also using one of the SPDIF-type inputs?
  10. Todd - Any thoughts compared to the Arcam r-DAC?
  11. Zoe Keating at the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. Short, but very cool what she can do with a cello & a sampler/looper.
  12. Married four years ago on Leap Year Day (Feb 29th) 526+4 = 530 (or 527 depending on how you look at it.)
  13. "Over The Rhine" at the Fairfield Theatre Co. on Friday night. Karin is one of the most underrated voices I know.
  14. Nice pics from all the NYC riders - congrats! Ari - do not call, email, text, or communicate in any way with this girl. Ignore her. She will interpret this as you having more important things to do, including other women in the wings waiting to pick up the slack. She will either: 1. Contact you within a few weeks, casually asking what you've been up to, in a thinly veiled attempt to get find out if you have a new girlfriend. 2. Send you a text at 2am on a Saturday nite asking if she can come over. 3. Call you crying on New Years Eve telling you she misses you. 4. Never contact you again. In any of these scenarios, you come out ahead. Trust me. Cheers buddy.
  15. Jazz At Lincoln Center - They Came To Swing Ok, so I first have to fess up that I "music-stalk" Haj's posts, as his tastes align quite abit with mine. So, I've had this recording on my "to-buy" list for a while now. It's easily available online, but never popped up at any of my local brick-&-mortar stores. Yesterday, while perusing the music section (CD's, vinyl, tapes) of one of the nearby Goodwill's, I came across a cassette tape of this & thought I'd pick it up for 50 cents. Currently listening at my work desk out of my old Panasonic Shockwave RQ-SW10 walkman & cheap Sony earbuds. Dunno if it's just this particular recording, but I don't remember tapes sounding this good. Thanks Haj!
  16. Glad your gas issues are behind you Shelly. Cute opposum. For some reason, this commercial always makes me laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuNihdGBu8k
  17. Not streaming Luther via Netflix last night because my PS3 (fat 160G) required yet another fucking Sony update which coincided with said PS3's subsequent crap out, vis-a-vis the dreaded red blinking power light on restart. From what I've been able to cull from the Internets, this is likely a motherboard issue requiring a repair. Shutting off the main power switch overnight didn't help. Damn, less than four years of extremely light use as soley a Blu-Ray player/Netfix streamer (never had a game played thru it). Seems to be the average lifespan of electronics these days.
  18. I always thought that "write-offs" were effectively tax deductions by balancing against actual income. But then again, I am basing that on the Kramer School of Finance: Regardless, a nice thing for your wife to do HA.
  19. ecp Audio mentioned in ApartmentTherapy.com article for Pickett Furniture: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/pickett-furniture-morkt-samfunn-console-dwell-on-design-2012-173238 Congrats Doug!
  20. The Killing, season 1 finale. Dang, why did it take so long for me to get into this series? Now I have to find Season 2 somehow, since it's not available on-demand
  21. Netflix via wi-fi connected PS3 works pretty well these days. It used to be kinda buggy, but lately works with minimal babysitting. Even Sony's updates have quieted down lately. Hi-Def content (music or video) over wi-fi is not a good plan. But the PS3 does allow connection of external USB storage devices, including hard drives & even USB sticks, from which to play media content just as if it were stored locally inside the PS3 itself. This has worked pretty well for us too.
  22. Wouldn't this supposed change show up on the FR graphs provided with each unit?
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