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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Spent some time on the Desalvo today.  All I have left is tires, which should be showing up tomorrow, bar wrap, frame saver stickers and coming up with some kind of pedals.


Some of the Mango goodness.






and the RoadID kit came in today.  Really nice piece of kit and with my medical issues I think 40 bucks well spent.



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Nope, wheels were built by Fresh Bikes my shop.  I bought the stand and all the tools to build my own wheels but I have not gotten up the nerve yet.


They are H Plus Son rims.


I am thinking I will have to replace the black Tektro wide gap brakes with a set of these very soon.



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Road 6 miles after work on the Trek (Raleigh is still in pieces :eek: ), 33 degrees, not bad. Still need to make some adjustments to the Trek, like wider bars than the stock ones. Also need to get something else on this for pedals as the platform ones on it suck. It has been so long since I have ridden without some type of foot retention that it feels really awkward. Feet slip all over these things.

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53/55/57cm Airborne disc brake/Apex equipped cross bikes, 749$ shipped.  REALLY wish I could do this right now.  We'll see.


They were supposedly sold out, but they found a few and put 'em up earlier today.  Rack mounts, clearance for I think a 42 or 44mm tire.



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just put it on the scale, it's 31.8lb with the pedals, water bottle holder, and empty bag


Dude, those are riser bars, not mustache bars.  When viewed from the front, the straight outer half of the bar should be level or slope slightly upwards, and the brake levers & shifters should slope downwards by 30-45 degrees when viewed from the side.


Couple pictures for reference



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Finished up (mostly) the Desalvo right about sun down so I just have some crappy high ISO pics.  I still need to come up with some pedals and the Zipp silver skewers haven't shown up yet.













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