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Megatron Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

kevin gilmore

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23 hours ago, johnwmclean said:

2 for the price of a HeadAmp BHSE. That's what I call a bargain... Don't tell me it includes an RK50?

Curious to see internals.

i will take photos later   all the BOM from MOUSER

normal with RK27 QUAD

RK50 quad will take more 660$

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about RK50
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Can there be any problems with the amplifier if all the 4 LED's and all the tubes light up?

I changed the heater transformers to OTC Antek and even if everything is properly connected and double-checked, there is no sound from either channel.

The source works fine with the KGSSHV so I know that is not the problem.

Before I take everything apart again I would not mind some clues.

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I did last night. There were none in the Stax jack except for the Bias voltage.

I should know better than to play with high voltage late at night and sleep deprived.

Once I noticed there were no voltage readings I realized something was not hooked up: the O+ and O-'s on the amp board :(

Everything works fine now with absolutely no noise even with the volume maxed out. Replacing the Hammond transformer heaters with Antek's helped, as well as rearranging wires to avoid the AC lines being close to the signal lines.

One of my input tubes however has an intermittent problem and will have to buy new ones.

I redid the top panel, different color because the red colored panel looked too ugly for my taste, and added ventilation slits.

Now it runs much cooler. Quite happy with the results.






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Unfortunately not. My back has been giving me so much trouble in the last 1 year that I have not been able to do much at all. My L2 is screwed and I am swimming daily to strengthen my muscles.

I have done everything except for the wordings, ventilation and wirings. When I get better, I will get the Megatron done, post pictures and write a few words of the sound. I am happy that you guy are getting things together and I must say that the bench mark of the finished products has been moving up and really impressive.

I have heard Rstar's Megatron and the sound was nothing short of impressive. I think that it is a cut above the KGSShv and I am too wondering, like you, why not more people are building the Megatron. The big picture of the sound from this amp and its decay of the music in particular is nothing less than impressive. Mind you, this is using normal wima caps and not the one with V-caps used my Spritzer. I cannot imagine what it will be like.

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