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New Puppy


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Update after two weeks:


She's bossy, determined, super smart, and very sweet when she's not trying to rule the universe.  She's hard to take a picture of because she's so dark and a wiggle monster.  Tried my best to get a couple shots of her now.  This is the best I can do.

Her coat is already starting to lighten, and Havanese are known to even go from dark chocolate to nearly white and sometimes back again, though most fade to a mocha.  She's what they call a tobacco color, a rich brown with reddish tones, but I don't think it will last.  She's also a fatty girl.  Both her parents are under 13 pounds.  They say to double the weight at four months for a fairly accurate estimate of adult weight.  She's 7.2 pounds at 14 weeks.  She's very food obsessed, unlike Watson, and I have to watch her every move or she'll eat everyone's food and scrounge for more.
Watson and Ivan adapted pretty much instantly to her, so I got lucky that way.  She's also been completely non-reactive to thunder and fireworks, which are still going off in the neighborhood at night (lordy).  I am bringing in a trainer, though, for Watson because he's suddenly decided to be that asshole dog on the leash when we're out with her.  He's aggressive with any other dogs, except his two buddies in the 'hood, and is starting to be so with people, which he never was before.  If I can just get her housebroken sooner rather than later, it's all good.  
That's about it for now.   :)
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Cheers, Vicky!  Glad to see the pup is working out.  Did I miss it, or are you still working on a name?  She has the coloring of a Little Debbie Devil Creme sandwich, what do you think of Debbie?  It doesn't sound anything like Watson or Ivan (which I think should be criteria), so there's that.  I realize her colouring is going to change yet again, but 'Debbie' is a general enough name...unless of course you know someone named Debbie in real life, that would be awkward.


(I have the same problem with food and Skye.)

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Lola is adorable! Will she stay that fluffy?

I'm going to see if I can do full long coat with her, so it should grow out fairly long and fluffy.  I'll see how bad the matting gets when her adult coat is growing in before I commit to that.  Watson is a single-coat dog, so though he's long, he's easy to brush out.  She's a double-coat dog, so I know it will be more work to keep her tangle free.  I'm just not sure when or if it will be too much for me or her.  

I think she shaves her pups in summer.

Nope.  Watson gets a "sanitary," face and paw trim, but that's it.  With Lola, I'm not even going to do the face, but let her just be a blind girl until it grows out long enough to pull up into a top knot or clip.  

She'll be four months tomorrow, and we've started going to the dog park.  She's doing great, but Waton won't let her have any friends. Every time she starts to play, he barks the other dogs away, then fake humps her.  I've had to leash him a couple times just so she can run about.  He was better this morning.  Hopefully, it's just a phase.  

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