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New Puppy


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I rarely brush my dogs teeth but I do use a chisel like dental tool I ordered for $20 on Amazon to remove his plaque every once and a while. He's a good sport about it and since cleanings are several hundred bucks around here it has probably saved us 2 grand at this point.

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Soo.....for a few reasons, the timing was right to get Watson a buddy (mostly because I have a neighbor wanting to watch my doggies all day for at least this year).  Watson was my first best dog, and this little girl will be my last best dog.  She'll arrive on Thursday or Friday.  She's a 10-week old Havanese.  




Here is momma:





Daddy is a redhead:





No name yet, but Lotte is what I'm going with until I meet her.   


Ivan can hold his own, and is mostly chill, so I'm not worried about him, but Watson is going to be crazy jealous for awhile at least.  

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My parents have a Havanese and I can confirm that they are great dogs with wonderful temperments.


Look out though. You'll need to brush her a ton and/or get her groomed often!

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Thanks, guys.  I'm actually nervous.  Watson was four and a half months when I got him, was 90% potty trained, already knew "no" and "sit", and was basically super easy as a puppy.  The only real accident he ever had that wasn't my fault was in John's apartment, when he took it upon himself to duck around the corner and have a little pee, despite having been walked outside a short time before.  This little girl is 10-weeks-old, and I have the feeling it'll be a whole different thing.  


My neighbors (also dog sitters) told me that they would have to kill the puppy if I named her Lotte, as it's the last name of the most hated woman, and former HOA Pres., in the neighborhood.  Since she's a Cuban doggie, next name on the list is Rosalita, "Rosie," but I'm looking for good doggie names, since I suck at naming my animals, and never actually have, since others have all chosen the deciding name.  


She's arriving at 8:15 PM on Thursday at Bay #1 in Delta's cargo area.  Egad.  Just sounds wrong.  

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My sister had a very nice dog named Rosie so that is a good start.

Too clever-clever to use a pairing with Watson? Sherlock might be too obvious and isn't very feminine, but what about Bell[e] as in Alexander Graham ("Come in here Watson, I want to see you ")?

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