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New Puppy


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He's arriving on Tuesday via special bus from Alabama.  I met his brother, who arrived this past week, and fell in love.  I've never had a dog before, but passively wanted one for years.  After meeting Henry, his brother, then contacting the breeder and seeing his little guy's pics, I knew he was my dog.  I don't know how else to explain it, since I'm as surprised as anyone.


He's a Cavaton, half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Coton de Tulear.  He was born on June 24.  This breeder likes to keep them longer for socialization and health checks.  He was raised in a house with two kids, five adult dogs, and his litter mates.  Supposed, he's the mellowest of the litter, which suits me fine.  Here are some pics from this past week:  






On his way to get final shots and a mircochip on Friday:




Action shots from a couple weeks ago:










I'm pretty excited.  I've already arranged for a neighbor to help out while I'm at work until he's old enough to do doggie day camp, and we start puppy training classes next week, which I obviously need, though he may not.   :)  According to my co-worker, her pup, the brother, knows "no," has had no accidents in the home and is leash trained already, so I'm hoping this little guy is at least close to those goals.  


I have no idea what his name will be, but he will hopefully show me soon.  Right now, I'm just excited and a bit nervous.  Also hoping he and Ivan can figure out how to live together.  Keeping fingers crossed :)

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Regarding Ivan, your best bet is to just let it happen.  It is honestly my belief that animals sense moods and feelings from their humans, and respond accordingly -- so if you anticipate that your cat will hate getting a bath, then it will hate getting a bath, for example, but if you just leave it to its own devices, it will bath itself quite naturally (in water, even).  So send "vibes" of acceptance and love to both of them.  That's pretty much all you can do.

He looks like a domokun in those last two pics. doindadomodance.gif


Oh, and:  you'll be fine!

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Congrats Vicki!  Dogs are a ton of fun, as mentioned he could be a nice play toy for Ivan.  Dogs are also quite a bit more work than cats, but you are in Florida so you don't have to deal with the letting the dog out when there's 10" of snow thing.  

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