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.....are about the same as having sex with a live actress, especially once you invoke quantum mechanics (negligably zero == 0).

Remember the 4 golden words!

Location, Location, Location, and chloroform..

you see ? now you to can have sex with anyone you want!

seriously look at the positive in any negative!

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Now my question is why is the picture of them in a jar?? And being asian... Where is the ox tail?

I think that's pickled pigs' feet, which is not how Asians serve it. Perhaps pickling them makes them sucky. And tru dat, they put something like spam in and forgot to put in ox tail. :palm:

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Hmm, I reloaded the picture and it was tiny. Now it looks huge. Gotta stop doing drugs

edit: and now I just noticed that I quoted my own post instead of yours. drugs are bad


edit: dammit, beaten to the punch

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